ISTD-Concept colour

For the first research of colour used, I look up the colour of autumn and the representative colour of each month because the festival is happening in mid-autumn so in order to demonstrate the atmosphere in the right weather. However, there are too many colours because not everyone got the same sense of it.

autumn colour



Therefore, I decided to change the direction to look back my previous research and try to get inspiration in it. My idea is to show the celebration feelings so the colour should be bright and attractive. Moreover, by considering how the colour match together with the content, I have to think very carefully and do some practice to see do they work together or not. So I first chose five colours to work on.

first colour scheme

By experiencing those colours with the design, I design few spreads and at the same time, I illustrate some object of my content. As I said before, I do not want to put any image on this project I want people to imagine by themselves so I made illustration instead of images. For the design of the content, I am going to add some Chinese culture style component in it such as the way of showing text, the shape of Chinese word and the layout of Chinese style.




By promoting the food or topic that I have chosen, I start to do a wild range of research on it. It is better to find as much information as I can because cut down is easier than to add. And to this brief, I chose to work with a specific food which is such a challenge as well because I limited myself to the brief. Therefore, I need to get all the information of it then reconstruct the order and put them in chapters. I first start to search about the history behind it and the reason for calling as mooncake, on that information, there are more links to bring out a broader content such as a relevant story, changing of the food and how it means to people.


By the time pass and culture influenced, there are many different types of mooncake that created by people so it can be a starting point for me to explore it with different sketches.

Moodboard-mooncake & mid-autumn festival design

About the format of this project, I want to make a book in a special shape to represent to the food. Also because this is a traditional food in China so I think it will be good that if I can add some Chinese component in it then the whole design will become stronger. For my design, I did not want to put any image in it. I hope people can feel and use their imagination to visualize it through reading the book. 


The second big project for this term and there are four different competitions that we can choose and each project there are few briefs to choose. D&AD, ISTD, RSA and YCN four competitions, for this project I want to challenge and do something that I didn’t do much before, so I chose to do ISTD. It is a student assessment of typography base and for our outcome, there is no limited medium. The main thing we have to demonstrate is the strong conceptual thinking and application. In this assessment, our tutors picked four briefs for us to choose they are:

  • Project 1: Anniversaries
  • Project 2: Writing Women Into History
  • Project 3: Mark My Words
  • Project 5: Food for Thought

After I read through all the brief, I am interested in the topic of food for thought, it is about to explore the meaning of food. Look for a story of the food and bring out another story. It could be included the recipe, history and how this has changed. Most importantly it is what those changes show and how it reflected people, their culture and their social lives. Also tells about the hidden meaning of the food, interesting fact and secondary stories as well.

The reason for me to choose this brief, first because I love food also I thought it is a good opportunity for me to do something that which is related to my culture so I chose to do this brief. My next step to do some research and make a decision of which food I should go for.

Design for real – Final pitch M4

By following the milestone of last week, we did most improvement of our outcome and this week for the final pitching we just have to put them together then present to the clients. Also, we have to show them the physical is we are doing the print base.

Overall the presentation goes well but I felt I can do much better if I can do it again because every time when I am panic I just forgot all the thing I need to say and my mind goes blank. Although most of the time I got some notes with me, I never look at them that is the reason why there are lots of things I forgot to say. However, every presentation also is a practice for me so I am sure that I can do better next time. And for the feedback, the client really likes it, we also got some feedback from other mentors, most of them think the whole campaign is attractive enough, but one thing we can do better is to avoid the white text on a yellow background. That’s happening in our animation and no one really notices that’s a problem, we didn’t think really carefully about the people who do not have a good sight.

final presentation.png
The final display of our presentation

Although we final our presentation, as a group we will still work on the campaign to expand the project and make it strong and put it into our portfolio which I think will be a really strong piece. For me, I am going to explore more different ways of the physical stuff something like stickers for the services who have joined us or other physical product which I still need to explore with.


Design for real – More ideas & M3

Although I have done of my leaflet box, I still think I can expand my idea into other different formats so I did more research on the folding leaflet.

Those research I did I really like it, their folding method are really special and attractive, I think if people receive one of them, people would like to keep it. However, not all of them are easy to keep and not all are fit to my idea of a long-term use, so I just chose two to work on. One of them I chose is the triangle decoration which I think can be a leaflet tabletop. I thought if I make it, it is not only just send to our target, it can also be sent to the other shop or business to let more people see it and hope to more services to join us.


The layout draft

By the structure of it, there are only three sides will be used I have to think really carefully about what information I should put in. The next step is to make this consistent compared to the leaflet box. Therefore, I decided to use the same colour in each category but in a simple way. Because the shape is a triangle so it is not easy to make it look nice so that I make it as simple as it can and if I make it the layout are too complicated then the whole thing will look too busy and too much.

To being clear and simple I design those three finally.


I did also design for the two extra which are the bottom of the triangle, so when people pick it up or when people hang it out, there is something to look at and not plain. The final outcome looks like:

Another idea I have expanded with is a twist fold which is normally used for Promotion, Special Events, Invitations, Specialty/Novelty Projects and Multi-PIece Marketing Package. The benefit of this fold is the size of the whole thing can be decreased and become a small square which is beneficial for people to keep and when people unfolded it, it becomes a massive poster.


layout draft3
The basic draft of the poster, the four corners square will become a bigger square so they have to connect to each other

After a discussion with my group mates, and I was suggested not to make the front like this, but the rest of the layout is fine so I work on it with the theme.

final draft.png
In the content, there is more information compare to the others

theme identity

For this folding poster, I didn’t do it on three individual things because the size of this is bigger so it can be included more details. Also of those corners, I use our theme and divided into four parts. People can remember our campaign when they first got this.

The final edit with all the details, contents and make the shape being perfect and the final outcome is made at the end.

final outcome digital
The final outcome of the digital version

M3- The casual presentation of our brief

For this presentation, we are given feedback by the client and see if there anything can improve before the formal presentation. Overall, they really like the campaign, and for my outcome, they think it is quite special and it is a good idea for people to keep and the only thing they concern is about the white text. However, after we talk to our tutor and we told that we don’t have to worry about it because our target is services but not the resident so there are not much we have to worried with.





Design for real – Process of the outcome

Before I got the colour tone of our campaign, I start doing the draft of the leaflet box. First, I make a decision of which pen pot I am going to go for, by deciding on the form, there are few conditions I have to think really careful so I imagine myself as the service and feel of what they will concern with. To be a business or services people they don’t always have much time to read, so the content I am going to put in the leaflet must be clear but all the main concept have to be included. Also as a business people, if they don’t have much time to read the information which means they won’t spend too much time to folding a stuff. Therefore, for my leaflet box, I have to choose one which is simple for them to it to a box also not too complex for me to work with the layout and finally I chose the origami folding.


That’s how it looks when the paper open

That’s the practise piece for the box, in order to find out the right size for the services for using it, I have tried in different size of paper finally, I found the perfect size of it. 22.5cm*22.5cm square paper and after the paper is fold, the box become a great size for holding pens. As you see on the above, I have started drafting the layout of the box, but I haven’t decided it yet because we still do not have the illustration so I am not sure how many objects I have to in but overall, I got a sense of idea how will it looks like.

pen holder5
The similar size of this but a bit bigger

My idea is the services will receive the leaflet by post and they do not have to fold the box by themselves because they will get the leaflet which has already folded which mean they just have to open it to become a box and that’s all that they have to do. On the below is the example that they will get.

After I got the right size, then I drew the outline on the paper with all the folding guild and scan it because I cannot find any template of it so I have to make one by myself. By working digitally, I follow my scan and the size I have marked then drew the outline of it.

digital draft

On the other hand, we finally have our own brand theme and some of the illustration that means I can actually start working on it

brand style

brand style2
We also have a secondary line: CHANGING THE WAY OF GETTING OLDER

For our illustrations, we decided not to put any colour because as the example of the above you can see the background are quite colourful so in order to clear the illustration we want them just being black and outlined.

There are four sides of my leaflet box so I have to design 4 different pages which included our campaign name, the information of us, the benefit of them and some of the illustrations. And I made two sides are with information and two sides are about our style and theme. Overall, I didn’t follow my draft exactly but still similar, I just lay them out more clearly.


layout draft2
The layout draft of the box


Four Sides

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On the top of the first page is about our information and out target which mainly tell the services our aim and the reason for us to do this campaign. At the bottom is one of the categories of our targets and at the beginning, we divided our target into three groups so as to clear the group I am going to make three leaflets for those group. The second page is our title OVER THE HILL and our secondary line.

The third page is talking the benefits of both services and residents, telling them that you can expand their business by helping the resident also they can give a good impact on their community. At the bottom, there are some informant about of our campaign, our website and Facebook page and we also got an app so people can access in a different way which they prefer. The final page is just showing our style and the characters.

As I said we got three group of target audience so I made three sets of different colours, pattern and illustration but the contents are mostly the same. The second page and the third I didn’t change anything because they represent our campaign and the benefit must be the same.




digital layout

For working as a digital, due to make a clear folding guild line of it, I divided into different parts then it wouldn’t be too confusing when people who want to unfold the paper out like this:

final digital layout.png
For the final outcome, I will remove all the dots

I did also print them out as a physical thing because something it is better to print out and see if there any problem or not. And that’s one of my final outcomes.


Design for real – Idea changing

After our plan is changed, next we have to discuss again which way should we go and what output we should go for. Actually, this is not a massive of the outcome because everyone should have their own work at the end. At the beginning, there are two people want to do animation but because we are working on a campaign so it is not necessary to have two, and now the one how really want to make animation can do now. About the campaign, there are lots of things we have to decide if not then we cannot work with different format. For this, I also did some research, our concept is to celebrate, and telling people who getting old does not mean the end of their life. On the contrary, it is a new start for them to enjoy their life so the theme that we choose should be colourful and joyful which make people feel happy. Also for the illustration, we want to keep it as a simple and in a cartoon style because we don’t want to make it too serious, we want it to look fun and playful.

There is the colour style that I search which I thought is fit to our concept:

All the colour I found is quite colourful and most of them are bright and sharp, we don’t want to work as normal we want to think it differently to attract people. On the below, there is the research about the style of illustration. In our campaign, we think we should create some characters represent the resident to show the message to the services.

And after a long discussion with other members, we decided to the Memphis style which is designed by 1980. And we thought that style is really celebrating and attractive.

Finally, we determine to use this style and next is to confirm who do what. One is going to this style to create our own brand like the title and the colour theme, she also wants to work with the animation as well, another member wants to do the illustration so she will create all the objects and characters which we need for our outcome. I did not change my idea so I am still doing the physical stuff, the long-term use leaflet. The last member wants to create an app for both residents and services to use. All of our outcomes have to link to each other so all of us have to keep to communicate to each other. Next, it to wait for the colour tone, then we can actually start working on it, and me before I got the theme I got some time so I did some layout design of my box, I did also decide to which box I should go for. At the same time, I got some new idea with my reusable leaflet which means I can create another use of it except the pen holder.