Design for real – Research

After I have confirmed what outcome I should do, the next step is to do a range of research and find out the what has already been done before because I what to do something different although there may have something similar, I can still make it different that’s one of the challenges for all the designer. My idea is to create a leaflet which can fold as a pen holder and that’s what I call a leaflet box. And the reason for doing this as what I said before due to let people interested in it and not throwing the leaflet away suddenly came up to my head then I decided to work on it.

I look up different paper-folding, in order not to make it so difficult for the people to fold, all the boxes I found are quite simple. Moreover, I did think of two different way of this leaflet box, one is about actually paper-folding but this will be origami so the shape will be there already when people receive it, they just have to open it and the box will appear which is super easy for them because they don’t have to fold it by themselves.

The second paper-folding is like a normal box template so when people get it, they just have to fold it by following the folding line or maybe I can design the shape and people do not even have to cut it out? (Just an idea). And the idea of doing this because I found out there is not all the people can fold paper even following the instructions so that it might be more easy for them of not exactly folding it but do it in a convenient way.

Overall, both of the methods are easy for people, although the concept is similar I still prefer the first one which people can do less thing. To be honest, not all the business people will have much free time to fold my thing so it might be better to create something which is as simple and convenient as it can.



Week 3 – Design for real basic concept

After all the briefing and tutorial for last week, our group start getting ideas and all the things we can do at the moment is to do a range of research and keep have discussions to each other. Going back to the mind map, we have that with our tutorial and with our idea, we kind of want to work together for the whole project and we thought if we do a campaign the message will be sent much stronger to the audience. And we were suggested that if we are going to that our brand name should be happier or joy which is the thing that we want to feel and what the residents want and need. 

About the content of the services, we should create confidence to the residence so our ideas are related to health and lifestyle such as yoga, exercise, arts and craft lesson or maybe a language class. Is better to think of as much as the possible opportunity and bring them into the community area. We did some research and divided them into groups and at the end, we put all the considerable services into our list and work on it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.27.19 am.png
These are the directory in Newport that I found online


Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 5.37.29 pm
This is the list that we put in order


As a group, although we are working on a campaign and we supposed to work together, we still have to have our own area to work on, thence we divided our ideas into five area and each person creates an outcome but with the same theme and design style. All the things we create must relevant to encourage more services into the local area, and about the campaign, we name it “over the hill” in order to match the area.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.29.26 pm

For the whole campaign, we decided to make five outcomes and each student choose the one they feel confident with and I choose to design the leaflet. My idea is to design a leaflet which can be reused and the idea is from our life, I will do as well sometimes when we get a leaflet that we are not interested in then we will just throw away and there where is the idea from. I don’t want to let people throw it away without reading it also as a designer no one would like their work will be thrown away. Therefore, I want to design the leaflet which people can keep it easily. Therefore, I did some research or paper-folding like origami and some pop-up folding methods.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 5.44.56 pm.png

From the inspiration, I made a box which is folded from a leaflet to a box.

On Thursday afternoon, we group all the information and ideas we got and have a presentation to the clients. 5 minutes for each group, and after the presentation we got the feedback from the client which is really positive, they really like our ideas, especially one of the animation and the leaflet box which I made me feel pleased with my idea. And our step is to do a mind map with our theme because the whole campaign has to be consistent which is the challenge of doing a campaign.

Friday, we have a workshop which is about turning concepts into opportunity and the topic still around to our project – Design For Real. Some questions bring out the whole workshop, and the first one is ‘who do you believe Derwen to be?’. As a designer, we cannot be trapped in a box by ourselves, every project we did we have to think about the relationship between client & designer. Look at the point of view is another we discuss, why and what we believe with when we are designing? As our client for this project, Derwen – who they are? who owns this organisation? Who owns those promising idea of design? Client, designers, residents, or everyone? If we can think of all the answer then we will not be blocked in the box, we have to learn to think wider. Something I really agree with in the lesson: The creativity doesn’t belong to the cold office. Think out of the box, don’t just put ourselves in the graphic design we have to explore more and collaborate with other elements which are the main concept of this workshop – to change the world. After the workshop our group kind of confused about what we are doing at the moment because we felt like we shouldn’t limit ourselves into the cage so we wait for the next tutorial and try to talk to the tutor and see what suggestions we got.


Second week-Research & Idea

Monday tutorial, we have a simple discussion about our how we should write about in our creative brief. So we talk about those question by using the information we got and the concept we had at that moment. Our topic is about communicated to the business partnership, how can we persuade them to get involved in this event? Also, we have to think about who is our target audience, like our main target, of course, is about the business people but also the residents who are related to the project can be included as well. After the discussion, we got more idea of what benefit can the business people get, also what kind of service and thing do the resident will need. Then we can keep those concepts to work on our own creative brief.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 6.13.29 pm

The next day, we got a meeting with our group mentor – Tom Lloyd from Bluegg in Cardiff Bay. We meet him in his studio which is more convenient to him so we went there and had a great time to look around the studio. For the meeting, we brought all the information and questions we have to talk to him and see what did he think about and suggestions he can give to us. Overall, the meeting went really well, he is so friendly and all the stuff in the studio seems really nice as well, he was excited about our project and wanted to see what we can do at the end. And he suggested that there is some information we can ask about then we might have a clear sense to know how we can do.

Wednesday is the day to submit our own creative brief, and before that, we all talk about it together then use our own word to write the brief. All of us knew the challenge so we just have to solve it together.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 10.22.15 am

Thursday morning we got a lecture about some information of the living area of the residents, the structure of Pobl and Derwen, and some question for us to think about what we should we for this project. At the end, our group drew a mind map to point out all the things we can do and what we are interested to work on also the question we got make sure we do not forget to ask. At this point, we kind of has a concept of what are we going to do, however, we do not know it is strong enough or not so we are waiting for the next tutorial and have a discussion about it also we will bring our ideas to talk to our mentor and look forward to hearing some advice.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 6.13.16 pm

L6 Start

The first week we back after the long summer holiday, it is happy to everyone again and starts a new journey for our final education year. Monday the first day we back, we were told what we have to do this year which is a massive and important challenge to every L6 student.

The next day, everyone got a meeting with their dissertation tutor and that’s about had a discussion about our final dissertation which made everyone feel stressful of.

On Wed, we got a workshop about empathy and the reason of doing this because in this term our projects are both related to persuasion and empathy. And we were told the story about the north and the sun, in order to let us think about the attitude of being a designer. After that, we got some few questions about empathy. Use the same point of view to consider those question “what if…?” to think as many as the possible issue which could happen.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.13.40 pm

And on Thu, we finally have the real brief from the client who is from Derwen, and in the brief, we got lots of information about what they want, their purpose and their background, etc. Therefore, we can have a clear sense of what should we do next. There are 4 themes in the whole project and each theme would have 2 to 3 questions and our task is to read all the theme and question. At the end, we have to choose one question to work on in one theme and four to five students will group together and work as a group.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.25.32 pmScreen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.25.19 pm

On Fri morning at 10, people can start choosing which brief they are interested to do. However, it is such a disaster because that’s an online sign-up so there is a limited number to edit the page, everyone has to wait and keep refreshing the page. And some of the people helping another student to put the name down which make the queue waiting longer and longer. And me I refreshed the page in thousand times and 15mins later finally I get a chance to edit. Until our group is full of members, we have to start and think about how are we going to contact our mentor who is going to help us for our work this year.

Digital Me-CV&Portfolio

After the logo and theme are decide the next step is to design our creative cv and portfolio(both online and pdf). Use the theme that I have designed then apply it to all the items. For my whole brand, I have only used one pink but only in different tint and opacity to make it looks different.

I got my normal cv but it looks really normally so I need to use that information to create another creative CV to show people that we are a graphic people by using our skills. The main colour I used is still kept on the one I used for the logo, and the only thing I have to pay attention is not to put too much because it will be distracted people eyes so I need to figure out what is the most important part for people to look at. I summarise my formal cv into 6 parts: Introduce myself, contact, education, work experience, interest and skills. My idea is to use some colour to point out the main thing I want to show.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 2.31.19 pm

Like the title, I used a lighter pink for the outline which is the same as the work experience, I have also used the pink colour for the text to show some special words.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.45.57 am

In the contact part, it included all the social media which is linked to my online portfolio, works, blog and information.

Digital Me – logo&theme

The final project of this year is to identify ourselves, we have to build our portfolio, website and improve all the projects we have done this year. An online portfolio which to put the best work we got and to show people that we are professional not just a student but we are becoming a graphic designer. It does not only show our works and what skills we have got but also showing people our personality because the website is representing ourselves.


For the online portfolio, I want to design my own logo which can represent myself but something hard is because of my nationality, so it is better if I can add some elements on it to show our culture. I am from a place named Macao where is just next to Hong Kong, our official language is Cantonese, our culture is influenced by China and Portugal and it makes us become quite different.

My Chinese name is Vu(Surname) Lok Man-鄔樂文, and my English name is Joana. As you see my name is quite special so if I can create my own logo it must be great. The next step of design my logo is to try out how many possible it can be, and I did a range of designs to find out the best. There are my designs on the below: Some of the design did mix with my English name but some didn’t, and through trying different types of design finally, I used one of them.

It is not east to design a logo which represents ourselves because the logo is showing who we are and what kind of person we are so if it goes wrong then our brand, our works will be affected by it as well.  Also, it is a really time-consuming work so we have to have a good time management skill to plan everything and make sure all the stuff are done on time.

Colour & Style Theme

For our whole digital project, we have to make all the items being consistent such as our cv-curriculum vitae, online portfolio and pdf portfolio, so we have to design a theme for them and use it in all the items. My first solution of this project is to choose the colour which is meaningful to us, and I chose a colour between cerise and ruby and the reason of choosing it because that’s my favourite colour. I got lots of things are that colour so it for me it kind of represents me. Next, is about the theme style and I didn’t want my whole layout looks too complicated, I want it looks like clean and professional. Our tutor suggested try to put some element to show what you like to do, so I thought about what I like to do in graphic then I found out I like bookmaking and layout design. From that idea, I decided to tell people what I like to do by using lines to demonstrate the simple outline like the grid or ruler.


But after the discussion with the tutor, I was told that colour and design of those lines are a bit distracting so I should simplify the number of lines and reduce the colour. Then my practice is to reduce the tint of that pink and change the design of the line, I used dashed line instead of solid line because it looks more like bookmaking stripes. And after the final design theme is confirmed, I apply it to all my files.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.11.02 pm

Another time-consuming part in this project, which is also the main part of all the thing, if this part has been decided then the other rest of it will be more easier. For me, design a theme to tell people your story is not easy because we have to consider different factors. Like how to make it looks professional, what layout would people prefer(to looks comfortable), how to tell people what is our background and what we like to do. All the information has to show on one thing. And this task is connected to my field project, which is about telling information successfully. I used some of the knowledge I have learnt into this project, introducing myself successfully by using the simple elements. Both logo and the layout are really challenging but at the same time, it is really helpful for a graphic student, to give us more sense of what a real graphic designer have to be.


Persuasion reflection

The first personal real client project which is a massive challenge for everyone, I felt excited but at the same time I did worry about the client might not like my work. For my topic dementia friend, it is a very open project because the client didn’t have any specific requirement, they just want us to do something which can encourage people to become a dementia friend. Therefore, we can design whatever we want but we got our first challenge is to think about what should we do and what it will attract people. It is not easy to make the decision because there are too many formats we can do. And the second challenge is we have to find our own strategy and that’s the issue that we got for every project, from doing research, doing sketches, and to work on digital all the things are the challenge. For the final outcome, I made something which is totally different to the others, I am the only one to create characters by illustration and make me see how difference we all are, everyone did different thing and not only the style but also the idea and elements no one got the same thing and I did also get some inspiration from other people. If I can do it again, I might create more characters and try to make a digital colour version but not in hand draw watercolour version to make it different. Furthermore, I might create more other posters to see what I still can create, but I will still keep my idea if I do it again. I like my idea but just maybe I can improve the drawing and make it be more professional.