Reflective statement-FMP

The longest project ever in my uni life, also this is the most stressful project which is challenging and exciting at the as time. The final major project to make a conclusion of our three years graphic times, and to demonstrate what we have learnt and gained in these three years. Also, I think it is such a good time for as to know what we actually like to do in graphics, to guide ourselves in a right direction. Start from the beginning, until the last few days before the submission day all about is research, research and research and once the whole idea is confirmed then we just have to keep working until the last day of the submission.

For this project, I have changed my concept from an abstract idea to a totally different outcome. At the very beginning, I wanted to expand my criticality as my FMP in a different format. However, I was told that my concept was not clear enough as a message and therefore I rethink the concept, done another research then my idea is changed. For the final concept, I decided to create a storybook for 4 to 6 years old kid and told the influence of addiction of social media. Also, I would like to expand the project a bit if I got an extra time, to create some learning material for them to remember more about the story which helps them for learning. To be honest, this is my first time create a storybook also that’s the first time to do that amount of drawing. Due to I have just started to do the digital drawing this year so actually, I am not that professional but I still want to try because I love drawing.

This project is about phone addiction also, I want to promote a new word ‘Phubbing'(a combination of snub and phone). And I want to tell the kids that do not addict on the phone before they become a Phubber. Due to nowadays, technologies are so convenient also there are lots of entertainment in it which make people cannot live without the phone and the trend of phone user tends to younger. I talk to different people who have children and some of they said their child start using phone around 2 to 3 which make me a bit shocked. That was not something that I expected and to me, this is not a good habit for little children. Therefore, I want to promote about this message-you can use the phone but you must control yourself of using it, if not then you might become a phubber. 

This year I feel like I don’t have any holiday at all, at Christmas, we have to do our dissertation,  Easter, we have to catch up the FMP. I used the whole 8 weeks just keep drawing and finish the whole design, which is a bit mad. And luckily, I finished on time in the end and that’s the most stress bit. Another stressful thing is about the printing, for that, I decided to print on online because of a cost much cheaper. But I have given them one week to print because of the material and the amount of the print. Time rushing is the worst, the main thing is why BANK HOLIDAY have to be on the last week of the submission, all the print company did not work on that day so all the job postpones to Tuesday, that’s so annoying.

This project, I ask for many opinions and advice because I want my outcome can be perfect, it could be last time to have an exhibition so it is very important. Thank you, all of you who help me with the project. Through the whole working process, I can say that my digital drawing skill definitely is improved, also some of the layout and design skill have been expanded as well. I am glad that I did finish the book earlier than I thought so I can have extra time to check all the details and fix the problem because I hate being at last-minute. Overall, everything is alright and tiny bit stress and worried but having lots of fun during.

The final outcome, there is a wrong print which is happening the worst day of my life. But its fine I just leave it like that, because I cannot do anything about it anymore. I would say it is a good experience to understand more about what can go wrong. Just an experience, and that’s how we learnt from making things wrong. 


Just want it to be done with all the stress and mistakes.


Dissertation Design – whole design

After the first chapter is done, I also got some feedback from other people, next is to create the whole dissertation. My concept of the design didn’t change but there is a just tiny detail I have to improve a bit such is better to put more line on and make looks more like a circuit. I decided the theme and style, I just have to decide which colour goes to which chapter also think about how I what to show the changing of the topic.

Four colours with four chapters.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 9.29.16 pm

  • Chapter1-black (our digital world)
  • Chapter2-pinky red (the crisis of our real world and the power of the digital world)
  • Chapter3-orange(warning of human attention)
  • Chapter4-turquoise(back to the natural world)
  • Introduction, final chapter and conclusion-all colours

The design starts from the straight and hard line when it keeps moving on, the line becomes soft and unpredictable just like how nature like.

*(the black goes a bit funny here but it supposes to be black)

As you can see the shape of the rectangle and line is changing and come together. 


This is such a challenging project because when I write the dissertation last year, I didn’t know that we have to design it because the topic I chose is a bit difficult and abstract so for explaining it by text is alright, but in visual is such a challenge. But it looks good though I quite like doing it such a fun time to do the design. If I got more time, I might change it in more detail and make it looks more professional. 

Few mock-up of some of the spread in different chapters

Reflective statement-ISTD

It is another real-life project but this time is a personal project, we work by ourselves. For me, I chose to do ISTD because I didn’t have lots of experience doing editorial design before so I think it is a good chance for me to learn more about it. The brief I chose is about food for thought, which is to talk about the meaning behind the food that we choose and show their story, meaning and relevant thing by working on a typography base design piece. Once I decided to work on that brief, next I have to choose what food I want to talk about. I finally got a topic of mooncake, there are two reasons for doing that. First, because when the project started mid-autumn festival just gone not long ago so it give me some inspiration of that, also it is a good chance to let more people understand about the Chinese culture which I like to promote about. Although nowadays, people seem to know about some of the cultures of Asia and Chinese there are many things they didn’t know about. MOONCAKE is a massive representation of family reunion and the happiness of being together. So for the one who is not living at home(Me) will have a huge sense of the topic. Although it is not a group project, every time when we had group tutorial it just being helpful because everyone is giving opinions which help each other to get better of the project.

When I was doing research for this project, I did read lots of useful information that I did not see before. Start from the history of the Chinese culture until the changing of the mooncake and what it is actually mean to people. Apart from that, for the design itself, I have been inspired so much, especially for the typography design from the shape, space, colour and the position of the text. There are just too many ways we can play around, also by looking at other people stuff it is helping everyone to learn and expand more. 

Although there are some are choosing the brief, but because everyone is working on a different topic so the outcome will be totally different. And it is surprised to see how different everyone design is. For my design, I chose to work with the mid-autumn festival colour which is colourful and celebrating. However, I want to tell people not just about the Chinese culture but also the meaning to me so I used some shape and colour to tell a story from my respective. 

From the whole project, I definitely improve my design skills and technique of editorial design, although I didn’t go to the assessment because if I did it, I will not have time to work on my FMP(which took me ages to do). I did expand my design idea from myself and other people design. I cannot believe how different I did compare to the first draft and my final design. To be honest, I quite like the editorial design, although it is not my first choice if I have to say, I still enjoy doing it. In the further, if we actually work as a graphic design, we must have a chance to design something similar. So it is just a great learning chance for me to learn.

Reflective statement-Criticality

An abstract brief to work with, actually I can say it is a challenge for all of us. First, we have to make or choose our own brief then we have to think about how we want it to look like also what is that mean(message). I chose to create a work which is based on part of my dissertation concept-human are focusing too much on the social media and electronic devices. And I want to warn people about we are is an issue at the moment, and try to get people attention with this issue.

This is a personal project as well so we have to finish the work by ourselves, to me because I want to do it based on my dissertation so I do not have to do much research about it, I just have to read my dissertation back and look back the information that I have already got then just start working on the concept that’s it. Before I start on my concept, I just think as many possibilities as I can. Due to the concept that I am talking about is not tell the message directly to the outcome would be abstract and people have to think about what it is before they get the message. However, that’s also my main issue of the project, I was told it will be better if I can at least have a short description and explain what it is about then people can get the message much easier.

For the design, I want people to get the message through feeling but not get it straight away. My idea is to tell people from my perspective and I decided to make a one-day record journey and show the problem of people are not pay attention to the world anymore and they are forgetting by us because we are too concentrate on out social media life and technology devices.

From the one day journey, I am quite surprised. Before the journey, I thought I didn’t spend a lot of time on the phone but actually, I did and sometimes I don’t realise what I am looking for but just hold the phone and scroll it without any purpose. So after the journey, I felt like the action for looking on the phone just become a habit but without and reasons which are terrifying because we do not even know it is happening to us.

 From this project, I expand my mind wider, and from that information, I think this issue is much more serious than I thought so I really hope that people can pay attention to it even though just a little. For the final outcome, I am glad that there are some people do get what I am trying to say and that’s the result I want. I think it is a really good topic to expand, therefore, in the future if I have another chance to do something similar it will be helpful to look back this project. Before I did think about to expand it and work it as a final major project but because the message is not clear and direct enough so I change a bit the content and do something totally different.

Overall, I love what I am doing because I will not force myself to do something that I do not like. I enjoy the whole process although it is a bit confuse at the beginning. It just became a great experience for my design life.

Reflective statement-Design for real

Reviewing back the project we did for design for real, which is a really good opportunity for all of us to work with a real client again. Also, it was a great time when we discuss our work with our mentor who helps us a lot of our ideas. We have great conversation, in their studio, and we can see how the real design studio works. Back to the project, start from the brief, it is challenging because our target audience is to the business people and the place around that area did not have many shops so it is hard to reach to some far businesses. We first have an idea to work together as a campaign. However, because of some reason, there is a  member cannot work with us so we have to change our idea and redo everything starts from the beginning. Which is such losing a bit time, so we do it as quick as we can, we can the whole style be more celebration and make it looks more fun and colourful. 

The whole process is hard but fun because we are actually working together as a team, most of us are putting efforts in it, we have done a lot. Start with the brand, poster, leaflet video (animation), website, app and some different stickers. For my reuseable leaflet, I think it is a really good idea which I haven’t tried before also I like folding paper and origami stuff so it is really good experience project for me. So from this project, it expands my skills and knowledge of the way doing it and how further it can go. I have learnt about how to work with someone who doesn’t like to work because in real life job I think there will be some people like that as well, so it is just an experience before I get into the life. That’s great. For the final outcome, it is kind of similar to our ideas but maybe a bit too colourful but the style and theme are how we want it to be. Although at the end the client didn’t use any of our things, all of us would like to expand the project if we have extra time. 

Overall, I just love working people(the one who loves working as well), to me that’s how I learn things also that’s how a designer communication with others.

Speak, Listen, Give opinion & Work. 

Spread Size Changing

After the book is done, I print the book out and check everything such as the text point size, the layout, spelling and details. Most of the illustration is alright, there are just have some grammar mistake, luckily I have asked different people to read it for me and help me check everything. Thank you, everyone, again who did help for my project. And I check with the printing company as well, and it is not that easy to do that folding so I decided not to do it and I adjust the illustration, move the position of the objects to let them fit in the standard size. Like the spread 3, my idea is to have an open spread to link to another spread and spread 4 there is a two side can be open. However, in the whole story, there are only two spread of fold so it will be easier if I just change those two pages.

Here is some mock-up:

That how when spread 3 open


And I changed it into like this:

I match two illustrations into one, they still talking the same thing but just showing in less space


That spread 4 when it is open:

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.17.33 pm.png

After I adjust the size of the drawing:


As you see the size of the illustration is different because I have to fit all the characters into the page so I can only make it smaller. And because of that, the background become so empty and therefore, I add some balloon to fill a bit the page. That’s how they look without the text in the story at the end.

Story book cover

After the storybook is done, next step is to start to design the cover of the book. For the cover, I got two totally different concepts. The first idea is to show the message directly in the front which is dark and digital colour. Another concept is to demonstrate a simple image then let the reader find the message out through reading the book. Therefore, I tried both ideas out with some specific elements. First I try the direct message idea and create three different version of it. Although I did those designs, they are still not my favourite design no matter I how I changed.  It could be because of the atmosphere is too evil, which doesn’t match the story style?

First Designbookcover1

This is the first design, and the idea is to show Peter blocked himself in the social media and the phone and in his world social media is his life. The blue on the background represents Peter, all the social media in the background shows what Peter is focusing. However, after I look back the whole thing, I felt it is too busy so I create the second design.

Second Designbook cover2

This time I simplify the whole thing as you can see the background image is remove and I create a colour layer cover on top of Pete. In order to try another feeling of the cover also I add some flower pattern to make a contrast between the style of the book and the feeling of the message. The mysterious feeling is a bit too dark for children so I think if the book is going to be sell in a shop then maybe the parents would not buy it because the cover is a bit scary. And that is not suited for little kids, thus I created the third design of this concept.

Third Designbook cover3

This design I focus on how the direct message about and I simplify the object and place it as simple as I can. Due to too many things may confuse the audience especially to those who just start learning things. But I did not use it at the end, because the colour is too dark, which is the same issue as the previous design also the message of ‘phubber’ is not clear enough.

Final Designfront cover

This is the final design of the book cover, and it is created from another concept which is to let the readers find the message out by themselves. The main idea is simple and clear enough, so I did not use lots of objects, Peter is the main role so he must be there, and the reason for the dog is to show it is snubbed by Peter because he is looking at the phone. That’s another way to tell the audience the message,  the hazy black colour background is indicating Peter’s life starts getting darker and darker but he does not realise because he is too concentrate on it.