Workshop-sewing machine2

The following week of the sewing machine, 4 thread and 5 thread machine and the industrial iron practice. More practice to use those machines also learnt how to sew in a different way. Although I still have not decided the format of the final project, I might have a go with different material and choose the best. Moreover, more practice is necessary in order to get used to those machines, sewing is not easy because it is about our control and the coordination of our eyes, hands and leg. There are more challenges than we think, that’s also why I like sewing.


Workshop-sewing machine

Today I got workshop about using the sewing machines, the reason of having this workshop, first to me textile is my second choice after graphics of uni.  When I was in foundation, I did several projects which are related to it which made me feel interested with but after when to uni, there wasn’t a right time for me to work within my project. And in my final project in uni time, I really want to something that I really like, also it is the last chance for me to do what I want. Therefore, I really want to do something which is base on graphics but mix the technique with textile thus, I went on this workshop to remind myself how to use those machine.

This is a three weeks workshop, the first week is to learn how to use the sewing machine and lockstitch machine, then have some time to practice of the control and speed of those machines. Luckily, I got some experience before, because those machines are different to what I have used before and they so I have to spend some time to get used to it. Although I am still not sure about what I am going to do for the project, I would still like to use it in my design.

AfterLife-Joe Brown

This week AfterLife Joe Brown from Design Dough presented about what is important as a Designer, he did also mention his team and how they work together. The first thing to think about how design shape business & how business shape design for a design agency. Every person is different because who we are and what we love will change the way we are. As a Brand, there are several elements like name and cloth but the most important is personality because it represents it will affect people viewpoint of the brand. 

For a good brand, it should have Great personality also with great clothing, none of them can be missed. As a good designer, we should always be adding values of our design and create more than what the client expects. We are suggested to read a book – How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy then get ideas in it.

Everyone should be different not just as a person but also our design, through finding out the person who we are then brand ourselves. To him, designs are about the process and first, we start a project we should do lots of research but not go on the laptop and do it straight away. I really agree with what he said, everyone should be different especially as a designer, no one is the same so we should try to find out who we actually are and brand ourselves.

After Life – Josh Cotterill

This lecture of After Life, we got some tips from Josh who are the White Sky Creative, he presented about what we have to consider to become a freelancer. First, we should set a clear term which can protect ourselves, agree on a price upfront and got a deposit. Secondly, you own your business…have a safety net. Third,  try to meet like-minded people or work in a communal workspace. Fourth, we should get advice from people who have been through the process already then we can get more information from them. Finally, lean startup or take your time into what we are doing. This presentation is helpful especially to the one who wants to be a freelancer, to me although I prefer to work in an agency, it gave a sense of what we should think about after we graduate.

Criticality – two weeks project concept

A new brief for a two-weeks Criticality project, there’s no requirement for this project which means we can do whatever we want. My idea is to do an experimental practice based on my dissertation and my final project. 

My dissertation is about Graphic, Communication & nature, and I want to make a set of projects which are around it. Our other project is to design our dissertation and I want all the things to link together. Therefore, all the decision I made at the moment will also affect my next project.

The concept of the whole thing is to remind people of this century, people attentions are restricted by different media and signals and which caused people forgetting the existence of nature. And for graphic communication, it can be more than human world, signs and symbols are not the only methods for us to communicate, we can using something out of human sense like what I have discussed in my dissertation.


Overall three years constellation, all knowledge I learnt and gained not only from books and study, I did also learn from experiences. My concepts all around nature, design and communication, and the last two are things that I do all the time in my subject so to me nature is the topic that I do not know much, thus I decided to explore about the natural area.

By experiencing the actual world, I walk through different parks and perceived the different effects from them. Such as waves (created by wind), footprint (made by soil); colourful sky(produced by both air and light), all the effects we cannot feel from reading books, no matter how amazing the writer is we still cannot know the actual feeling. Therefore, the best way is to go out and feel about what they are.

Pictures at the bottom are some of my experience from these two years, especially after I read the theories from Ingold and Abram and the arts from Olafur Eliasson, I am interested to it. Due to back to my culture, the place where I born doesn’t have many natural areas. Also in school, we do not have any topic relevant to it so I am curious about those topics.

To me, it is a good chance for me to learn something totally new. Although it definitely is a challenge for me to understand some of the studies, it is still an opportunity to gain new knowledge.


ISTD-Concept colour

For the first research of colour used, I look up the colour of autumn and the representative colour of each month because the festival is happening in mid-autumn so in order to demonstrate the atmosphere in the right weather. However, there are too many colours because not everyone got the same sense of it.

autumn colour



Therefore, I decided to change the direction to look back my previous research and try to get inspiration in it. My idea is to show the celebration feelings so the colour should be bright and attractive. Moreover, by considering how the colour match together with the content, I have to think very carefully and do some practice to see do they work together or not. So I first chose five colours to work on.

first colour scheme

By experiencing those colours with the design, I design few spreads and at the same time, I illustrate some object of my content. As I said before, I do not want to put any image on this project I want people to imagine by themselves so I made illustration instead of images. For the design of the content, I am going to add some Chinese culture style component in it such as the way of showing text, the shape of Chinese word and the layout of Chinese style.