Laser cutting – workshop

Yesterday we have our laser cut workshop it was fun and I learnt some techniques about how to control and use the machine. And the day before it start we have to design something for cut out and I design my name in the bird. It is not difficult to think about the bird because I just draw something that I like but when I start to design the font I got some problem. For example, if you want the word looks like a bit three-dimensional then how should I drew also think about the pattern as well. This is laser CUT so not all the thing can draw the line together if you do that then it will cut out the whole thing. So all the design have to be black, I use lots of time to think about i drew quite a few time erase it again and again finally I done it.

bird-laser2  MY LITTLE BIRD

So I brought this to workshop, but when I saw the tutor made the example I found out a problem is the hair of the bird cause it is A5 size so it become extremely thin also the line is link together so the head might probably be cut out so I changed  a bit. At the end it worked very well I really like it.


The first one is cut on the paper, and you can see what is the different between the draft the real cut, the second one is cut on acrylic sheet and if you look at the font they are actually not the same. After the I did the paper I saw some of the design were cut so I change a bit the line not to stick together. I really happy with that it was so cute. After the workshop I know that there are a lot of thing we can do in laser cut as long as you want to do.


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