Collage images exercise

These are the collage practise which included images, drawing and writing. And those are the pieces that I did for the exercise and some of them I really like, but some look a bit weird. In this practise, I found out that it was really hard to collage thing perfectly because when we create something, we have to do a lot of consideration like colours, the shape of those images, the position and the content etc. In order to fit everything and make it looks good, we have to do a lot of practise and try as much as we can. And if not, it will be like some of the weird pieces on the above which on the left bottom corner. That’s just a piece for fun but actually all the things  didn’t match, like the girl with another half face. For this the main problem is the skin tone wasn’t right and they didn’t get the same angle of both half faces.  The man next to that girl, his face with a woman mouth and that’s totally wrong but looks funny. In all the collages, two are my favourite, first is the one which in the right of the middle with two woman dress some yellow and orange colours and for this I really like the colour matching, I cut it them square in square and each of them rotate once and put them together after that the effect was created. And the other piece I like is the one on the right bottom concern, I cut the figure out and paste it on the background and on the with some drawing which connected to the background about sky and mountain, and the writing on the background it another image.


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