Image-Final Composition

This is our first two weeks project, and everyone had to pick a word to be their theme and I chose “CHANGE” to be my topic. This is not easy to do because everything can be change also everything must change, and it depends on different influence and things. I chose this theme because it happen every moment in our life also it is very important to know about what is changing, but it is quite difficult to start because it came out lots of things and ideas in my mind, so I don’t actually know how to start even I did a mind map. Finally, I decided to draw different type of drawing and do some research for helping me to make a decision.

And here is my mind map, most of the words are about definition but not about what people want to change or what thing changing. And the first thing I have to do is to understand the word and think about what related to this word so I do some research in the dictionary, internet and talk to somebody which can help me get more information and opinions. Also I came up an idea when I was in the studio, I got the concept but I haven’t made the decision that should it be the final outcome or not so I just drew it as a draft and took a picture as a record and make sure I wouldn’t forget it. The idea presenting due to time pasting everything changed especially human area, people developed the technology to improve their lives and the life style become much more better, thus most of the natural places became an urban city. It changed the natural but at the same time it can be we are damaging our earth, therefore life changing is the main idea for the word.

Here is my drafts and I divided my theme  into three parts which focus on:

1. What is change – In my opinion change mean different, one thing to another, transformation, turn and exchange also I did some research in the dictionary and it shows vicissitude, alteration and mutable therefore I drew some simple meaning of change like the symbol, the new page, colour change and time changing.

change4 2

2. What or How makes thing change – Many thing is changing by human, and all the changing not only the development but also our lives and environment. It means things are changing by our hand, like sometimes what people said: Your fate is controlled by your hand. The other thing is our eye, most people change their reaction and thought through seeing thing. Visual then think is the process for people to develop their mind, and also the development is from getting experience and learning by the eyes.

3. What things are changing – As what I said on the above, everything can be changed and it just depends on the time, environment and life experience. So I drew something very simple elements like shapes changing, from circle to triangle to square and the end back to circle, the whole process like a cycle change. Another change is about life and time changing which is everyone must be experiencing and that’s what we are having everyday.

After the mind map and some drafts I did my final decision. I used my first draft natural with city to be my main picture, I also want to keep the electrocardiogram therefore I put them together. In our project we have to have drawing, photography and illustration so I mixed all elements together, and there are some different elements and final piece on below.

In the work I really like the colour of the work also the image of the tree which made with photoshop, looks better than I expect. At the same time I kept the shape changing to be the electrocardiogram background with different colour, and I created the pattern which became th background, with lines and dots. After out everything together, the whole image be a serious of changing.


On the other hand, there is something I don’t really like. For example, there are too many thing on the layout so it looks a bit not clear enough also the drawing of the building was covered by the colour. And that is the skills and ideas that I have to improve and I tried to think about what would I do in different way if I do it again.


I did the improvement according to my pervious feedback, but I didn’t change my idea because I feel happy of my concept. For this project the main problems and issues is:too busy, it should have more white space also too many information together, so it is very difficult for people to read and understand what’s the picture talking about. Therefore, first I removed the background which made lines and dots, also I moved the shape changing aside and made it become smaller some on top and the others at the bottom. I got a very different feeling when I looked back to this project. Honestly, I done this work quite a long time ago so I can’t actually remember the reason of choosing this topic and how I did those thing but I do totally agree with the feedback – too busy. And in order to keep more space to show the main image, I tried to removed some unnecessary things and changed some elements size and position. I transformed the outline of the illustration because I don’t like the pervious look, also the shadow of the building have been moved and regulated the colours as well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.59.17 pm


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