Visual Thinking – Concept

We have our first constellation study group today, first we discuss the concept of visual thinking and what would it be in L4 to L6, the criteria of skill, context and idea. At the same time we have to think about our PDP – personal development plan, why are sitting in this classroom and having the lecture, what can help to develop our work and the purpose of that. Also we have a lot of discussion about thinking of different images for example.

keira knightly

B0003186 Automated DNA sequencing output - HGP Credit: The Sanger Institute. Wellcome Images The output from an automated DNA sequencing machine used by the Human Genome Project to determine the complete human DNA sequence. Each vertical lane shows the sequence of bases in a given stretch of DNA. Each of the four different bases is labelled with one of the four coloured dyes. The order of the bases is analysed by a computer and assembled to give the continuous base sequence of each chromosome. This image shows the sequence of only a tiny part of one chromosome. Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc-nd 4.0, see

There is two images and we have to think about which is the true portray. The one on the left is photography of Micheal Birt, Keira Knightly, on the right is Automated DNA, sequencing output. We have to think about where you stand and why find something to support your opinion. In my opinion the photography show a female but no one actually know who she is even though her name is Keira it still very confuse is she the real person we know. Maybe she has a plastic surgery or other thing, in this centre it is very popular that people changing their looking with make up, surgery or computer technology – photoshop. So for me I don’t think it is a real one. On the other hand, DNA cannot be change due to everyone got different DNA and this is actually represent a person although we cannot read or understand what is it mean, it still a kind of information. Therefore, I think this is the real portray and back to the discuss I heard some different and special opinions, one said both of them are not real because they are just the light which were shown by the projector so it doesn’t represent anything. And one said DNA cannot show the dressing, and the photograph cannot be recognised if she is a criminal. Those opinion are very interesting different view and point shows how and what people think of. And that is our concept to think differently, being confuse better than know thing in one way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.21.48 pmDo you want to be a bucket or a bunch of fire at the end of this term? This is a question we have to think about by our own and I am not going to answer it because I don’t even know at this moment. An other example shows how people think is this. When you first saw it what you think a duck? or rabbit? or the other? Most of the people would not know the others if people don’t tell them because you cannot see two things at the same time. People who think is duck they would never think it can be a rabbit if no one tell them, they have already recognised one thing so they will not think anything else that’s the way that people usually think. And for art student it is very important think and see thing in different angle different way, that’s the thing we have to learn and do.


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