Handmade Book-story book

After the layout project, we have another two weeks project which we are going to make our own story book, so in the weekend we had to think about which is our favourite story. On Monday,we had told about the seven type of story which is Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches, The Quest, Voyage and Return, Comedy, Tragedy and Rebirth. Then we separated in different group and have a discussion of our topic, and we got Voyage and Return, we listed a lots of stories and films for it. For example, Harry Potty, The rings, Hobbit, Peter Pan, Frozen, Toy Story and Night in the museum… After the discussion everyone have to use our imagination to the our story, we cannot copy the character by using the phone especially those story from Disney. Unfortunately the story I chose is BAMBI, also I can’t actually remember how it looks like so do some research for real deer. According to the image and I did some sketching in my notebook.


Different angle to give myself a concept, I am not good at drawing but at least when you saw that you sill know what that is. We got two hours to finish drawing. So I thought about which is the most important of BAMBI. Finally, I chose three parts to present the story.1.Start form when he was born in a beautiful forest with a lots of different lovely animals on that time he still was very innocent. 2.But suddenly her mother was killed by some mysterious animals which call “Human” then he start growing up living with his father-the prince of the forest. 3.At the end he became a new great prince of the forest. And there is my final drawing, and I feel quite surprised when I finished because it’s better than I think. Honestly at the very beginning I don’t know how to start and I try not to fill in the colour so I chose to colour the line. I thought this is other interesting way to do, you still know what’s the colour of those object.

Tuesday, we went to the library and read some amazing artist book whatever the materials they use or the way they made the book is incredible also Jay had a short presentation about different artist and their work. Some of works are very interesting, I feel very curious how people did that what are they thinking.

Wednesday, we got a book making workshop, Sarah taught us some skill and method about folding, cutting books also how to joint book together with sewing and how to made a book cover.  We were told to make our own simple book, and mine is about “world change” the theme connected my last project layout I just love this kind of topic. I made a pocket and shows the changing. This workshop was very fun, I really like it, I had some experience for making books before so it is not very difficult for me but still learnt some other different skills. Also there are some example about book making.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.25.54 pmFriday, we made our own story which is about our life, and it can be anything depends what and how people to present their work. In my point every memory is a part of your life so you cannot miss any pieces also they are link together so I decided to draw a puzzle to represent it. And the idea is memories so it wouldn’t see in the same way different angle show how different between all of them.

The other week – Monday, finally we start to make our story book, I got this story online which is about The Shadow. And for this project, I want to focus on the skill of making book and some simple technique of pop up. I didn’t do a lot drafts and sketches, due to we got only a really short to do the book, also my book have quite a lot of pages, therefore I decided to draw on the book directly. That’s a big challenge for us to finished our book in four days with a good quality.

Here are the roughly sketches and some basic idea of the book

There are something that I felt satisfied for this project is, first I can finished it on time. Secondly, I can made those pop-up and all the skills that I wanted, lastly most of the people like my book style that’s what I feel glad with. On the other hand, if I can do it again what would I change? I would explore more different kind of technique, at the same time it can help me to improve my skills. In the short presentation, I learnt things from other people works like their ideas and skills.

Also we have to score ourselves, in this project I did put some skills and techniques but honestly they are all very simple and basic and people who have experience to make pop up book, will know that. Therefore, it didn’t take many risks for this case I put 40. Furthermore, something is about how clear we demonstrate our work, and for this I think mine shows quite clear and people easily to know what is it about so I put 65. And the overall was between 51-52, that’s not a very good score and still got lots of things to improve but it wasn’t bad at least.

Here is my story:

About the improvement, I just made some of the illustrations outline be more clear, and put more colours on it that’s all. Due to that’s absolutely a handmade book, also I have already finished the whole story and all the details have been done. It is really difficult for me to have a big change which mean I think I have to redo the whole book or make a new one, so if it is not necessary I don’t think I will do it, I like how it looks.




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