Typography – six words story

We have to do a six words story which is from Shakespeare. And Romeo and Juliet is the only one I know so I chose it. This story is a “Tragedy”, and I have think about some of the sentences for example: Tragedy of love with the enemy, The death of their true love or The true love of the enemy, also I though about some words: memories, lost, forever, love, young-lover, family and star-crossed. After I got some suggestions with other people finally it became: Capulet, Montague, Star-crossed, Love And Lost.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.17.25 pmAfter decided my word I have to start think about how to out them together, so for this I do some draft and have some ideas with that. Most the letters have to be different because they got their meaning Capulet and Montague are the main things in the story because they are enemy, also love and lost is represent they cannot live without each other so at the end they both lost. The only simple font word is And and the others all are different.


This is my finally piece, after looked at people work there is something can improved, first of all is the size I can think about the size, secondly is about the position a the path of the words. Honestly, for me this is a normal poster but it doesn’t attracted people so if change a bit more it must look much better.


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