Typography – Indesign workshop

An hour workshop to learn about how to use illustrator mix with indesign so the poster doesn’t look good because I focus on the technique I did not think too much no the layout when I was doing. Therefore, there are lots of thing to improve, because for me it really looks like a practice piece. I don’t know how to say I can just say it is not good. Some people come up the idea very quick but I cannot so most of the workshop piece does not look good. But after a while when I look back my work it will come up much more ideas so it help quite a lot.

This poster i think positive space is too much, I made the short essay in a triangle text space it look alright but a bit small. I really like the letter B very big and attractive but the typeface did not match Baskerville, anyway it done now and became an idea to myself.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.09.53 pm



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