Visual Thinking – Thinking in Picture

The second lesson

  1. Continuing a philosophical history of the concept
  2. Concepts as pictures: abstraction and metaphor
  3. Introducing argument
  4. Using abstraction and metaphor to understand abstraction and metaphor

This is the question to think about in this topic, also we are talking about what is abstraction and metaphor? How we think of them, for me I don’t know I actually got the point they said or not but it really interesting for me, it is my first time to study philosophy. I really like the idea of argue thing not to think in one way, listen what people opinions. Someone said knowledge has no final answer because it always change.

This topic is about thinking in picture, what is a picture. Some people said is interpretation, some said frozen time, and some said the thing that we see for me is a moment capture in our head. But our tutor told us picture is a abstraction and capture in a significant or important element.

Thinking time

  • How you learn?
  • What do you bring to a text?
  • Implications for the nature of knowledge if reality is not perceived as it is in itself?

(I will give myself an answer sometimes)

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.40.59 pm
How you think about this work?

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