Typography – Type Specimen

This project we have to design a type specimen poster of using InDesign, we were separate in different type group and mine is Baskerville. So the first thing we have to do is do a range of research, find out more information as much as we can also with the poster example.

After look at the example, I got some ideas in my head so I drew lots of drafts and most of the idea just came out suddenly. My type is Baskerville so there are some letters I focus on B, Q and &. B is the letter of Baskerville, Q and & become a special font when they are in italic.

Here is the draft that I drew, some them I got the idea from the others poster, but so of them are come from an object like the shape of the window or cupboard. Also I try to combine the letter together like the picture on the left hand side. In the draft I don’t want to just focus on look straight therefore, I tried to put letters in different position and think of the opacity make with background. After the draft I have to start doing in the computer, due to there are too many ideas I just choose four of my favourite pieces then work on it.

There are four design on it the first one I did the the negative because I want to see how it works. And you can see there are two post of each design, there are something different between them. Colour, position, type size and the opacity, I change a lot of time in the computer and tried to do the perfect piece that I want at the end I finished and I talked to my tutor to got some opinions and suggestions. Finally, I decided to do another one I combine the one which is the letter B made by paragraph and the one with different opacity letter. The reason I have to change is because it is not clear to read the essay the word crosses the B, it made a bit confused.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.27.11 pm
This is my final piece 

At the end I put that two things together, for the paragraph I put all in the line of B, and this make more easier to read. The arch part I made by different letters in Illustrator also they are with slightly different opacity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.25.56 pm
This is the background of the B

There are the test piece of the final, you can actually the different of the background the size and opacity are the thing I focus on but it didn’t work well at the end so I change it again and again then I got my final piece.On this project I have learn how to put thing together, also we were focusing on the font size due to the actual poster is A2 and the poster we have to print out is A3 so we have to think about it.


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