Film 4 Legends of the Screen-Booklet

This project we continue the skill practise of last project, and we focused on the font. This time we got some limited materials which have been given, and we have to put those elements in Indesign and made a 12 pages digital book.

Before we start to make the digital book, we had a small exercise to practise how to put those title, image and paragraph together. And here is the practise piece, that was more  difficult than I think. Even though we got a lot of newspaper and magazine to be material, it still a bit hard to fit the right size and position into a A4 paper. I tried to made it in different style of layout by the size of the title, the position of the image, logo and paragraph therefore, my challenge is to find the right materials and make them looks good. In order to have more experience, trying is the best way for it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 8.31.40 pmScreen Shot 2015-12-20 at 8.31.49 pmScreen Shot 2015-12-20 at 8.32.11 pm

The way of making this digital book, fist is to think about how to put that amount of thing in one pages as what you can see on the above. Due to some of the pages got lots of text but some didn’t, and those materials for each page are fixed so the size of the image and text also typeface is very impotant.  And I chose two typeface Impact and Baskerville. Like the title and artist name use the Impact but just with different size and colour. Title is black with 10pt and the artist name is grey with 16pt, and the reason of choosing grey due to we had to print it in black and white, so even though it was colour it still the same. About the body text I use Baskerville oldface with a drop-cap character in each paragraph, except the cover, page 1 and 11. Lastly, images is another important element in the book, the size and position have to fit the text, and the challenge was some pictures are landscape but some are a portrait so it was very difficult to align perfectly.


Here is my digital book, after talk to the others there are some problems have to improve. Firstly, some of the text in the same page are not in the same size and that is the main issue. Second, some of the title are in different font but actually that is my mistake I forgot to double-check and change it back. Finally, the last artist’s image doesn’t match to the others. That’s all the things I can improve more, in this project I learnt more skill about matching thing together also let me know more about how to make a real book. In the process we did have to consider a lot of thing. For example, measure all the size and position in the mind or doing some different sketches before work on the computer, because it would look totally different when we work on it, due to the size would be different to we thought or expected. Therefore, when I put the paragraph on it, those text were smaller than I thought and I used a lot of time to solve this issue out.


First, I corrected all title and body text into the right size and typeface, and all the text which have been justified, were changing back not to after all the exercise and workshop. I also align the text and images, also the size and position of the image have been changed as well. And the last thing of the artist image was changed into the same style as the other pages. But after I changed all, I still think there is something weird, and I think the main reason is because of the text rags but that’s what I had been tried my best.


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