Workshop – Letterpress

I really like this workshop, we learnt about how to use those equipments for letterpress. The “simple simple” is our practise so it was very simple. After that we did six word and I decided to use my six word story with the Romeo and Juliet.

There are two ways to do, one is with ink and the others is without ink. And I got a mistake piece in the right up corner, it cannot show because it didn’t get enough pressure but after that I did a really good job the second one shown really well. And the one with ink is my favour especially the grey one. But in the process I met a lot of problem for example: if I want to mix different font together I have to choose the same size of the word, some of them even they are in the same pt but their size is different. After choosing we had to put them in the frame and used some tools to stay the word together make sure they cannot move, this procedure is quite time consuming. But I success finally so it doesn’t matter and patience is the most important thing that I have learn.


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