Exhibition-Ai Weiwei

“An artwork unable to make people feel uncomfortable or to feel different is not one worth creating. This is the difference between the artist and the fool.”Ai Weiwei,’Architecture and Space’, blog posted 13 Jan 2006

The second of December me and some of the fine arts students went to the exhibition of Ai Weiwei in London. Most of his works are amazing. Via artworks designed to provoke our perception of freedom and imprisonment and these two themes have affected and galvanised the artist throughout his life.

“What single thing would improve the quality of your life?”-“The freedom to express myself.” Ai Weiwei to The Guardian, 23 Nov 2012

Here is his works

 My favourite piece is S.A.C.R.E.D.

In response to his incarceration, he conceived S.A.C.R.E.D.. Six dioramas with view holes that scrupulously recreate his detailed memories of the prison cell. The six letters in the title denote Supper, Accusers, Cleansing, Ritual, Entropy and Doubt, which refer respectively to eating, interrogation, showering, walking, sleep and using the lavatory. The intimacy if these activities imbues the dioramas with a sense of the paranoia and distress inherent in his experience. Yet for the artist, their scaled-down size ameliorates the full terror evoked by the situation, rendering the dioramas more theatrical than real.

When I went into that room first I felt a bit strange there were lot of people walk around those boxes so I followed the queue and when I stand on the step and looked down to the view hole, at that moment I felt terrified, shocking or I can say it was incredibly amazing. It definitely feel like a prison and that’s the thing than I am interested into, he succeed to communicate to visitors. For me I am a graphic student and my responsibility is to communicate with people in a very easy and clear way. Another reason it attracted(curious) me is, I am a Chinese but Macau is not in China and we have different policy so I do not really understand the actual freedom in China.


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