Visual Thinking-Contemporary art and design: what’s the difference?

Arts? Design? Arts and Design? Are they different, before the topic start I never think about their differences. But if you ask me Arts is for people to express their feeling more personal and Design is to communicate more functional that is my opinion before this lesson.

We have a lot of argument in this lesson and some of the idea change my mind but one thing it did not change is for me Arts and Design they are different however they have to be together because they are link together. Like people who are studying Fine Art I believe they have to design the work be they start, a hundred sketch or thousand pieces of draft those all are their design. On the other hand, like me studying Graphic we would never said our works are not a piece of art because some of them they are amazing, brilliant just like a art work thus, Art and Design are together.

 After postmodernism, there is no essential difference between art and design

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.31.20 pm
This is the same topic of my presentation so here it is:

What is Art?

Art is an opinion or an idea that takes place in the mind of the artist. The artist wants to express this idea to others. In order to do so, he creates art. Therefore, art communicates the message the artist wants to communicate. A typical art project begins with a blank canvass. Then, it becomes the art the creator needs. An artist creates something new. Art is the product of inborn talent. Art is also interpreted by different people in different ways.

What is Design?

In contrast to art, design begins with a proper purpose. A designer knows where to begin. Also, the purpose of a design is to take the message or communicate about something that is in existence for a purpose. This purpose can be to buy something, find information, create something, etc. Designer does not create something new.

What is the difference between Art and Design?

  • Art is inspired by nature, but design is inspired by the aspirations of the end consumers.
  • An artist is an innovator while a designer is not an innovator. The designer’s job is to make something better that is already there for a purpose such as to sell the product.
  • Art can have several interpretations. A design can only have one meaning. If it conveys any other meaning, then the purpose of the design has not been met.
  • Art to be considered good comes as a talent to the artist. That is to say, the artist is born with a talent in the case of good art. However, to be a good designer who creates good design what you need is skill not talent. That is to say, a good design is the product of learning, not inborn talent.
  • An artist does not have any constraint, and he can paint the canvas in any way he desires giving wings to his imagination and using his skills.
  • However, a designer is bound with the constraints of time, budget and, of course, the likes and dislikes of the management team that finally approves the design.
  • Art has no secondary use and is a means of self expression whereas design makes use of art and combines it with efficiency to come up with a product that is most useful for the consumers.
  • In conclusion, it can be said that designers are always attracted to design products in a way that they are aesthetically pleasing. But this certainly does not mean art and design do not have any differences.



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