Visual Thinking – Greeting and Phone Being

What is a tool?

Tool is a thing to help people complete their work easily, it can be mechanical or intelligence. It is true that it help people a lot also it helps a lot of people but for me all the things around me is a tool no matter it is mechanical or not they will have their own particular function. It help us to create new thing and develop the world have a better quality of life but at the same time it can hurt us or some people will use it to destroy thing.

Also we discussed about different types of argument, fallacies is the new word for me means bad or weak arguments; common errors in reasoning.


  • What she says about Johannes Kepler’s astronomy of the 1600s must be just so much garbage. Do you realize she’s only fifteen years old?(Ad hominem)
  • He’s rich, so he should be the president of our Parents and Teachers Organization.(Appeal to money)
  • Well, it’s time for a decision. Will you contribute £20 to our environmental fund, or are you on the side of environmental destruction? (Black or white, or false dilemma)

We are learning to argue especially our own thought so it is very important to know the weak point and the strong supporting in our argument. It help us in our own thinking but not to demolish someone else’s argument and someone said When evaluating the ideas and arguments proposed to you by others, keep in mind that you need to prove that the others’ reasoning is fallacious. That is why there is a ‘proof’ section in the description of each fallacy. The ‘proof’ section is intended to give you a mechanism for showing that the reasoning is flawed. Apply the methodology described in the ‘proof’ section to the passage in question. Construct your own argument. Use this argument – not the name of the fallacy – to respond.







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