Visual thinking-A drawing does not have to look like its object

We are a art student so our imagination should be much better to the other, so today we got a small challenge is to find a place and use the material that we have found to make a drawing of that location and take a photo. This workshop want us to consider about tool, what tools for us and how we use them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.53.47 am
Different ways of drawing

Our group idea is take a picture in a picture so we find a place and take a photo but we get the wrong meaning, actually we have to exactly draw a picture. Through other people works I saw some interesting work, few groups use pencil to draw a picture that’s the most common method. One of the they used soil,  leaves and some food package to create a picture. That’s the most interesting group, also there was a group that went to a coffee shop and used sugar and coffee sticks to make a traffic cone. It let me see the difference in different people, although we all are art students we got different brain and idea, the way to show the picture and the way to make the picture all are different. It is quite important to think about a drawing does not have to look like its object, because abstract and metaphor is the thing that we learn.



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