The first day after the holiday, we got a new project to make a placard we choose a social issue and made in both side. And the issue we chose is GMOs ( genetically modified organisms), and the reason why we chose because one of our group mate heard the similar news on the radio also we thought this is an interesting topic which related to our life everyday so we work on it. In the morning we did a mind map to include all the ideas and we did some sketches of the ideas, after lunch we start to create the placard. We decided to make one side is about the slogan or phrase on the other side we drew a tomato which is injected to represent the effect of GM crops.

Here is our mind map ideas and drafts

After we got the ideas we start to make our placard, different people do a different thing. Due to people will have something they are good at, some of them created the character and the others worked on the phrase. And the things we have to be careful is the size and the place of the word.

The working process

And the most successful point in our project is teamwork, I do not how the other groups work but at least our group work very well that’s what I feel. We have a lots of ideas but we did not have any argument, everyone will listen to each other so finally we did quite a good job. Teamwork is one of the thing that people will worry about, especially work with someone you don’t really know, therefore, for us i think we did a good job.



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