Archaeologies of the Unseen-Thinking Through Drawing

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.20.03 pm

The differences between this two drawing

The drawing on top is drew by feeling as you can see that it is very small, and the reason of the size I think is because it seem to be more comfortable when I felt on my hand just like if I drew it big then I will make mistakes. Also I can only drew the thing that I can feel so there are some details I cannot draw, like the eyes and the spots on the body because they are not three-dimensional so I missed it. Although both of the drawing line are quite sketchy, they are still different. The one drew by feeling not only small but also the line is more darker, because when I drew my brain follow the sense that I touch, it makes me drew more slowly and carefully, it shows there are some pressure on brain and my hand. On the other hand, the one drew by looking is very similar to the object because I can see it so all the details I would not missed. Moreover, I did not guess the colour right so for me it is difficult to draw by feeling at the same time it is fun to see how all the sense work together.


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