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Octavio Ocampo-General’s Family


When you first look at this picture, what can you see?

When I first look at it I can actually see a side face old man with bald white hair and beard, also he put his right hand on his black shirt looks like putting it on top of the heart. That’s the first thing I saw and when I look longer a can see there is and old man who is with hat, hand holding a stick and with a woman who’s wearing a beautiful dress and holding a baby on her arms, are standing under the arch. And surprisingly the hand on the black shirt I saw at the very beginning, actually is a dog lying down on the floor.

I think there are all the things that I can see in this picture but when I do some research about the artist and his works, the information said in this painting there are totally have nine face on the work. Therefore, I tried to find them out, and at the end I can actually found nine face but not sure are they right or not.

Start from the top left corner there are five faces as I can see, from left to right. Two side face next to each other like a mirror and in the middle of those side face there is a face made by the bird, next to that there are two more one is made by two birds above that there is another face made by weed and the thing which the bird stand on. And the last lady face I found is in the right top corner it is also made with weed and column thing.

After look at some of his works, I am very interested in it because I think some of the people maybe cannot find see all the things he drew or the thing that he want to show. Just like me I cannot found nine face when I first saw, I have to use some time and check very carefully in each part and found them out. And sometimes people will miss something for no reason not because they are not concentrated but just miss the thing, therefore it is very interesting to know how people look at thing and what they think.
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