Campaign – Basic concept

After the placard, we start our campaign project and our group decided to keep working on the placard topic which is about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). 

So we start to do a lot of research due to we have to give the right informations to people, also we think we should against it. This is a three weeks project so we made a group chat for communicate to each other also we set we have to meet up in uni at least twice a week and here is our notes, meeting records and our ideas.

At the time we consider which is the best way to show them, and we think of serval things like business, pamphlet, poster, info graphic poster and something like bookmarklet. And anyone can choose their own skill to work on.

But after talk to the tutors we change some of our ideas, like the pamphlet and the infographic poster we mixed it in one thing because some people think they are too similar. And also we change not to do business card because normally people cannot any business card in the campaign, and not to do bookmarklet because it is not too related to our theme. At the end we decided to make some poster, advertisement, an apps, a short video and a infographic poster.


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