Campaign-Final work

We have used two weeks to discuss and decide our ideas, so the last week we have start working of the works. And for me I am going to make some bus stop poster/ advertisements also put some cartoon characters in those picture.

This is the pictures mixed advertisement that I made and the message we want to show people is telling them GMOs is in everywhere, it becomes a vey common things in foods. Also we try to attract children by using those characters, let they want to know more about GMOs.

Also I did some bus stop advertisements playing with different colour and typeface, because we try to keep everything be very simple so the colour scheme is from the nature and vegetables. It looks like a slogan so it is quite easy to attract people and let them pay more attention. Our aim is want people know what is GMOs, the danger of having too much GM foods, and where can they find out the hidden of GM sources. Therefore, our campaign is to attract people attention in a interesting and simple way, not only adult but also children or I can say actually is for everyone.

Here is our blog link –

All our work are in this website, also this project is quite a challenge for everyone because this is the first time we group together with the people we don’t know very well and have to do a four weeks project. But honestly I am quite lucky to with the people who always turn up and did works also give a lot suggestions and ideas so I am really glad to work with them. Team work is the main thing and a challenge that we have to learn in Field, and after this project I do really know how important and how difficult to work with different people.


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