Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.36.47 pm
This is one of the bunting 

After the last project ‘The house of the future’, we have to start our manifesto but all of us were very confuse we didn’t know actually know what we have to do. We had ask the other group, some of them made a book, some made a cake and some went to town and gave flowers and hug to people so it seem very random and finally we decided to continue work on the house.We have six people in our group so we divided infix part of the house (rooftop, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, games room and transport )and each one choose one part and use a word or a short paragraph to make a piece of bunting. And our idea is at the end when everyone done their bunting and we just have to put them together then it will be our manifesto but that’s just our idea. (It doesn’t work at the end)

We keep contact and send message to each but after the first presentation there are some people didn’t turn up and didn’t reply the message. Until the day of the presentation, which is about showing people the concept of our manifesto, but I was a bit frustrated and angry because there are only two people turn up included me. All of us work individually on that bunting, it is so difficult to present due to there are threes parts were missing. But compare to another group we are not the worst, in our big group we have 45 people, however only 10 people in that presentation and one group was missing, most of the group just got few people. Eventually, we still did it finish the presentation and our tutors gave us some feedback and want us to improve more because this is a concept but not the final work, so they don’t expect we done the project, conversely they are looking forward to see us can do better.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.12.18 pm
After talk to the tutors we change our ideas and we made this poster

This time we focus on the technology and the sustainability of the house and we did a lot of research, look up some example and ideas of the house then made this poster.

Our tutor suggest us to put into the projector and show in the heart space but because of the words are too small so is quite difficult to see. So after we done the poster we just print it out and posted it on the wall of B block.

This final piece made by three people only because the others didn’t turn up.


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