First Things First – Poster(Practice)

Using photoshop to make a poster with some images with hand and objects.

We look up some examples of poster are between 40s~50s, and most of them are colourful (especially like yellow, red and blue is the most popular colour that people used) and with very strong line, also we saw how people collaborate different elements.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.29.17 pm
This is my first practise piece

There are few things we have to try, like inverting the image, parts of the image or parts of the object also create new layer with different types of sections. The main thing is try as much as we can, make a collage of two or three photos.

First, I did is to isolate the hand and the object from background and change it in different colour. In this poster, there are two layers with the same design. The bottom layer I made it very colourful, I had try different colour and different gradient editor match with a really strong yellow. And the reason of choosing yellow because the colour of my hand is between deep pink and magenta also with lime and yellow on the palm print and those are very strong colour so I chose yellow for the outline made a contrast with the pink.

After I did the hand, I create a new layer of making the object and  I choose a teapot to be the object. First I did is the same to delete the background and copy and paste more pot  put them in a different position, make it look like someone be very careless so the top was falling over. And those pots I made it all in different colour, start with red and yellow it looks like a very hot pot so the person can’t hold it, the second pot change a bit from yellow, red to green and the connect to the third pot green and blue. The fourth pot have a lot of colour pink, medium-blue, purple and teal, and the last pot is sea-green, gold and orange. But actually except the first pot have some meaning of the colour, and the others just for playing with different colours mix and visual effect no any reason or why doing it. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.29.35 pm
This is the same thing as the top layer 

The top layer, actually I just copy the whole bottom layer paste on top made it like mirror image and in totally different colour, the contrast with colourful for me is black and white, but I don’t want cover my bottom so I did it in black and transparent also change the opacity to 50% make sure people can see both layers.



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