Made or Grown?

If you ask me why I would made a rose, then I can honestly to tell you that I don’t really know. Before the lecture me and my friend like usual we will go to buy a drink and go to the lecture, and wait the lecture start. But that day there is a window which is quite near me was open so i felt a bit chilly also I have bought a bottle of orange juice so for me the whole area was cold. When the lecture start everyone got different elements, like wire, stick or different colours of plasticine. And me I got a stick and a blue plasticine, and we were told to make something with the thing that we have but we didn’t told what to make just a thing. When we start there are some music was playing but I can’t remember what kind of music anymore. 

When I got those material on my hand, the first thing in my mind is “nothing “, it is absolutely blank and have no idea what to do. But because we were told to make something then I start to think ‘what can I do with the stick?’, but I still can’t think of anything then I start to play with my little blue thing. The thing I want to do with the plasticine is rose but there is no an exact answer, maybe because of I like making craft with paper clay and most of them are rose so when I look at the similar materials I will think of the rose. Finally, I made the rose and due to I didn’t have enough time and I just put the flower on top of the stick.

Before the lecture finished, we looked up people work and we found out apart of the student made flower or some natural thing, some people just play around the material and have some random thing as well. And something was very interesting is what we did is depends on the environment also we were affected by the music at the same time, so there are some people make nature stuff. Like me I made a flower, when I was making I just focus on what I was doing so I didn’t think of the music I just remember the music quite soft but I was still affected by the music.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.37.59 pm
After the exercise, I did some research about blue rose

Blue rose do not occur in nature, so people created a special meaning for it, and it means mystery (just like when I first got the material on my hand the feeling is mystery). Another meaning of the blue rose is that it symbolises the impossible, or the unattainable.


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