First Things First – poster(practice)

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.28.40 pm
This is the second poster I did

After the first dropping pot poster, I want to try more different thing so I did this poster. I used the pot to be the poster background, I traced the image and changed the colour effect also increased the stroke size gives a thick border around. Inside the drop shadow there is a layer style and I turned the noise quality into middle made it looks stronger and there are three colours of the pot light pink, indian red and cherry to make the pot looks hot and dangerous.
Next, is the part of the hand, i use the quick selection tool to isolate the background then rotated it and put it in different position also every hand I have tried different gradient colours see how it matched with the pot. Lastly, is to put a text into the poster and I think ‘hot’ is quite a good word for that pot then I tried in different typeface, I want to find some which looks serious. Then I changed the colour between orange and yellow because it will not be the same colour as the pot but it can shows the feeling ‘hot’, also I want to show people that looks like someone is shouting the word ‘HOT’ therefore, I made it in 3 dimensional with really bold. At the end, I put the the word in the middle stand out very powerful, and make the opacity in to 50% make sure it doesn’t cover the pot and those hands.


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