Something?? – Identity a phenomenon

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.16.48 pm

The sense has colour, depth and texture, the picture above is an abstract thing, it is a picture that made by positive and negative space or a big black mark shape in the white paper also it could be a white pain on black paper. And people might see different thing depend on their living experience and the knowledge they know or thing they have seen in their life. Those ambiguous forms have several possible interpretations. Like this I can see it looks like frog turning upside down or like a instrument made by mirror effect but the thing I see some people might not agree with me, for this I did a small test with different people. The people who are studying arts or design have a similar visual sense with me, they saw something like a human, a face or animal is dancing upside down. But the other who are not arts students one’s saw something like a chicken leg which I couldn’t comprehend her view, part of them they think it is creepy insect, and someone told me it doesn’t look like anything. Actually it is true, everything can be possible because there’s no right or wrong answer of it, when we are perceiving and recognizing images we will like classify it to the most similar object that we know. For example, this pictures I think is a frog jumping upside down and the reason for that is because I seen frog before so I recognise the shape looks like a frog. However, people who didn’t seen frog before might not realise that. Since the viewing position changes, the image presentation patterns also come different, it is not illusion, hallucination all we see are exist, not only knowledge will affect our thinking but also environment will make our viewpoint be different because our feeling might change our thought.


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