Expressive typography

An exercise of practising about expressive typography 

First exercise is to listen someone is speaking a sentence and we have to think about how can we write it out. The thing we have to focus on is the length and where is the strongest point, after we have decided the best way and we have to use brush and ink to write that sentence on a A2 paper.

You cannot express the right feeling if you didn’t paid enough attention, just like what I said above we have to listen the emotion of that guy, which word he emphasised and how the speed of his speaking etc. After we can think about the colour, we got black, green and red but I use black because I think green doesn’t match and red looks too strong like a warning colour then finally I chose black. Each people did few pieces in different way, let us practice more.

Those two are the work that I did, compare to both you can see the different first is the typeface are totally one is the normal hand writing style with bold line and the second piece is a elegant style script especially the “S” of so but actually both of the got a same point is the size of the sentence are quite similar. For example, HE, So, Famous, He and Dressed those are the word that we have to focus on and the others of me I just have to show it because they are not very important so they were a bit small compare to the main words. And I wrote it in two style because I want to know and see the different how would it be feel, just make it different to practise more.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.06.34 pm
Our work 

You can see how different people did, and it is a very good experience to practice and see how people work and what they are thinking. All people listen the same sentence but have different feeling so make the thing be different. I really enjoy it and it help a bit for my coming project.


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