workshop(Ps & Id)

Practice and know more about how to us Photoshop and Indesign together, also focus on the duo tone only use two colours to make a poster and final we have to know how to print out A2 size with A4 paper.

Choose one image with high quality and play with colours, mixed two colour in duo tone. And I chose two images about animals for no reason just found it online and placed it in different position and also I cut out the background and made it in different effect, colour, shadow, and outline the purpose was explore more technique.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.39.50 pm
This is the poster I did, and there is no specific topic so I chose “HELP & SAVE” to be the theme. Help the animal and save our world.

After I place them together it looks like a natural advertisement poster, also like a warning  poster so finally I put the text on top it said “HELP & SAVE”. What I want to say is save our world and our animals, the earth is dying if we keep doing what we are doing now not only the animals, the forest but also the human and the place that we are living are the same all the thing will perish and become extinct. I did some drawing like some petro is flowing down, it represent the earth is killed by it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.16.15 pm
This is the black and white version, which like my print.

However, there is something that I have to improve like as you see the colour, when I was  doing the poster I didn’t feel anything wrong, and I really like the colour but after I done later I look back the colour I feel a bit wrong even though the colour is nice the purple was still too light and the opacity was a bit low so it makes not clear enough. Because of if when I printed it out in black and white  I can’t actually see those pictures, that’s the thing that I have to pay more attention for my Manifesto poster. Both black and white and colours were too light especially the deer at the bottom, you can only see the shape or you have to zoom in bigger and bigger and in the middle those little pig were fine but the colours still too light, I think is better to turn the red or blue more and make it darker. Lastly, the tiger was covered by the petro and the colour suddenly change to blue it seem a bit strange. But I really like the text it was simple and big enough also have a big contrast colour, when people look at it the first thing must be the text then is the petro then will be those images. Communication – the main way is to speak then is writing so most of the time I will try to show the text bigger, put them in top or the first place make sure people will read them first.



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