First Things First-Manifesto (ideas & process)

After the research I got some ideas and I though my own quotes because our tutor told us do what we believe and some of the quotes which I had search in the internet, I don’t agree with therefore the best way to do is create my own quotes. Next step is think about what kind of image I should use for the poster, in the require everyone have to use an image but it did not say anything like we must use the image we took by ourselves so it makes me quite struggle in it. Therefore, I took a lot of images which around my quotes and some of the main words.

My  first idea is around some words like: future, design and change, my first quote is ‘Don’t let future change your design But use your design to change the future’ and the idea is saying we shouldn’t just design something for that century because it means we are like changing our because of the future, but we should use our design to make a new future. This is my first idea but I want to make sure I got an extra spare if the tutor does not agree with it, I still got another to show them. For this I think of the other quote and it is about: future, succeed, try, mistakes, the quote is ‘Before succeed, you must go through many mistakes’. And this what I want to say is before become a successful designer, we must try at least a thousand time make mistakes as much as we can, learn from the mistakes and to improve more.

These are the first quote ideas and some draft future, design and change)

These are the second quote ideas, drafts and some hand-made practice works (success, future and mistakes)

And there are some digital piece of the first quote

On the tutorial we have to show them what we got and what we have prepared so I show them all the thing above but my tutor suggested me to combine those two quotes, actually both of them are not bad but if  I link those two together it will match more the brief now it seem a each got a bit but not prefect yet. I agree with what he said therefore, I have to  think a new quote for combining those two together. Finally I decided my last quote ‘Create the future by learning from past mistakes’ and I start to do some draft and decide the images.

This is my draft in my sketchbook, different style of expressive typography and typeface

Those pictures are about what is “MISTAKES” mean and how it looks like.

Just a lot of practice but haven’t decided the style and colour yet try more new thing hope can get more inspiration in it.


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