First Things First – Manifesto(research)


Quotes, manifesto and poster research

This is the manifesto poster I found online, and the most interesting thing is the colour you can see the main colour in those posters are red and orange(the colours looks quite a long ago ). It shows the century and what is happening on that time, so I can say it is very clear to tell people what’s the story about it. And about the first things first it was published in 1964 and 2000 respectively and it was our starting point to made our own manifesto future generation poster. It is very interesting to see how people collaborate thing together in different century, in fact there are not specific way to make a poster but we will still learn from the past and put our ideas together and make a new thing. However, is it not difficult to make a poster but how can we let people feel comfortable and attract people.

And those I found it in the online it about different style of poster and manifesto, try to find something are unusual, make in different way because as what I said above there are no right or wrong answer of making a poster so we can make it whatever we want, but just don’t forget we are communicating to the others so make it clear and attractive is our purpose.

Also I did some research in the library so I borrow some books, Graphic Design TimeLines, Idea Generation, Graphic Design Thinking and Design Research etc. I was looking for some special poster and graphic design and some expressive typography ideas. Due to there are too much good ideas so I just picked some of them randomly. Lastly, all of the research are very useful because when you are looking at people works at the same time we are learning so I did learn a lot of thing on it.


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