During Easter we have to find our favourite magazine for this we have to read a lot of different magazines, not only find them online but also read the real magazine.

Those are real and free magazine that I have found at the first two weeks in the holiday, some of them are quite good especially the colour and some of them are very graphic but at the same time some are very boring nothing special. But here just the starring point I will not just focus on UK magazine also some of the international magazines are quite interesting as well so I will have a look as much as I can then compare what is the difference between different country.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.46.28 pm.png

This is one of the page that I really like, it used different typeface, sign, image and drawing to represent that word when I turn to this page I just feel I have to read it and know what is it about.

I will keep searching see I can find something interesting again or not, because some of the magazines even they are not boring but still not interesting my feeling is just like they are normal or I can say their format are too close so some of the style are quite similar but of course I am just saying some of them not all.


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