Magazines – online research

InScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.46.25 pm

I have found some pages which is quite interested me

These few pages I like the colours and the illustration, although it is a simple drawing it still attract me to look at it. Those colours like candy style, a lot of green with other candy colours.

And these are the other pages I quite like some of them are because of the images and the text they match together and make it looks comfortable, and some are because of the style. For me, I don’t like too much words in the magazine because I will feel bored but those above I quite like them like colour contrasted, the position of the text and the style of the whole page. For example on the above there is a big yellow “N” with a long paragraph I like where they put the text is not in the center and the images is not all around it. Also I really like the red bathtub with some very simple text on top, it looks very clean, and at the bottom “THE BORROWERS” I like how they put the words and the background of them. Keep search…


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