5 beautiful double page spreads magazine

This I like the shape of the image, also I like the way to show “IN LOVE” is in the white frame with the image, on the right hand side that pink paragraph is talking about her thing, and the colour matched the dress her was wearing in the image. In these two pages except the image it only have three colours included white so it look very clean and simple. And on the left next to the title the small heading which align right because of the frame, it was separated in the way how people speak “It only–takes a few–moments to–realise how–much–Michal–Ansky is–IN LOVE WITH FOOD” and it point out (in love with food) it show she really really love food. The word “IN” in the title is not place straight with the other words, but the size is big enough.

The title GLOW background is made by image this looks quite special, also in the bottom the purple box is the colour that of the image eyeshadow colour. On the left they got three-line of text but on the right it got only two that’s the thing I do not understand, and the paragraph is align left but the heading align right maybe they want to show the contrast.

This doesn’t have a very big title but it around those images with the heading, the thing I like is the shape of circle both pages doesn’t have a complete circle so when they put together they match each other. The text is putting in the text box which wrap around the images, however the text is a bit long in the middle also because it wrap the images so it is hard to read but I am so sure about how many columns it have.

First, the colours are totally contrast colour and back and white, the text is in a basic normal text box but using a quite special typeface, I cannot see it in the magazine and I think it is not common using this typeface in magazine. About the title it is highlight by black colour with white text so it have a very strong visual effect people will look at the straight away.

This is similar to the one above both of them have a frame with an image but for this the is inside the text as a background colour, but honestly it looks like a poster more than magazine pages. I really like the colours and the it combine two typeface together as same as what we have learned before. And this is the less word I have chosen in these magazine and all the magazine in here were chosen on online magazine.

Here is the website there are lots of magazine – http://www.madouer.com/


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