Zine project

The zine workshop is an activity for us to practise to edit magazine spread, and at the bottom is our four spread zine and our topic is SELFIE. For fitting those eight pages we decided to do a front and back cover and in inside the first spread is about the history of selfie and the reason why selfie became popular. And the following spread is about the advantages of selfie and the last spread is the disadvantage and negative of selfie. Four people in a group so each spread per person, and because we didn’t get enough time to double-check, therefore some of the pages look different. For the design we decided to use the same font but the wrong thing is some of the text are justify but some not also the font size are different as well, we knew all the problems before we printed but because we didn’t get time to fixed it, lastly  in the last spread the text and images are not align. And this practise exercise is really useful for me, because it is a good chance  for me to know how would it work and what should I put in it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.28.55 pm.png
And that’s the final outcome

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