Fri 29 April group tutorial

We did a whole day tutorial today, in the morning we were putting in a group and have some discuss about how people works and  the feedback was given.

We follow some questions to talk about see what can we improve and change our work, and the main purpose is we can get some inspiration by talking and listening to people. And in the afternoon we got a pair tutorial which find someone to talk to and find is there any think be improved, actually is as same as what we did in the morning. Due to I didn’t did much work to show, there are not too many feedback, but we found out some problem which happened to most of the people, like the most common problem is the size of the text some people want to put all the text but some don’t and it depends on how many words on the page, due to no one like full of text in the magazine it will look too busy and people will not feel interested to read so some people choose to reduce some of the text and makes the layout looks much better. Another thing is the hierarchy and place of those elements such as images and text, some people just have a heading but don’t have any sub-heading or stand-first then all the text just  separate in different paragraphs just in the same size don’t even have any quote so it makes the spread look a bit boring. Moreover, is sometime there will be a word or a sentence left on the next line or next column, it was told before we have to avoid this problem it is difficult because of the size, typeface, the number of word and the arrangement of those but we still have to try. And for my feedback, I was told to be careful of the number of text and think about not to put too much element on one spread, also think about the typeface is it match to the images and text that’s it.

Lastly, I think this kind of tutorial is quite helpful, listen to what people think, learn things from people works and get more ideas and inspirations on it. We design things for communicate to people so is it very important to listen people opinions, and that’s one of the way for us to learn and improve more and more.


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