Changing Faces-ideas and concepts

After the presentation on Tuesday which is about the 10 thinking methods, I start to do some research and getting some ideas by using one of the method. I chose to do the ‘Transgender children’ for this final project – editorial design.

Picture Association

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.05.26 pm.pngThis is just a kind of mind map but with picture but word I think it will get more inspiration, so the first step just try to think more and keep looking up different style of magazine.

I am focusing on the different and relationship between male and female, why people have to define gender. Also it is about children so I have to do some research about how they think and what do they know about transgender.

Also I did some layout design, and look at some magazines to get ideas. I really want to make the images in half, because it represents the process of transgender, start from the children realise they want to be another gender until we actually became the other gender. What are their feeling, how their parents think, and what people opinions and the changing of all things et cetera. And I decided to illustrate it more than photography, because I want to show looks like a children magazine which is suitable for any readers.  For this I did more drawing:

those are still focusing on half and half, I am going to do all the drawing by hand and scan it into the computer and work on illustrator and photoshop.


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