Last main feedback-final project

This is the pre final outcome and we got the last main feedback for this today. 

And there are few things that I have to change and improve. In the left top is the first spread and I was told that not to use the black box, which is not necessary, that’s the only thing I have to change in this spread. Right top is the second spread, quiet a lot of things have to change. First, the typeface of the heading, it doesn’t match the whole thing and not look right. Next, is the text which under the image, I was suggested not to put in the middle because at the end the spread will be folded therefore if I place in the middle, so of words will not be seen. And the next two things is the most important things also it the biggest problem in this project, the background pattern is good but it show too much in the last two spread, I should give more space to it, it’s too busy that’s I really agree with. So what I should do, I should remove the background and make the second spread in plain colour left-half page be pink and right half be blue. The last for this spread is the font, I shouldn’t justify it makes spaces between the words, also I should only use two typeface. In the work I use total three typeface so it’s too many. The final spread, the same main problem as what I said just now, the background make it look so busy and the typeface should be change and change not to justify. That’s all the feedback for today and I happy that they like my illustrations.


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