Changing Faces – Final outcome

The final outcome and improvement of this final project.

On the main feedback tutorial, I wrote down all the things I should change and improve on my  print out copy, in order to make it clearer and easier to understand and to remember it. Here is my pre-outcome in black and white for the tutorial, and all the suggestions most of them are about the font as what I said before. The background and the position of the images have to change a bit as well.

Step by step to follow all the point which I put on the paper and correct all the mistakes after that the final outcome is done. It looks totally different especially the second spread, I removed the background and made it in to a plain colour half is pink which represent girl and the other is blue represent boy. About the title I changed it into same font as the first spread and some special sentences, and the reason of the colour gradient from white(represent the gender was born)to black(represent the gender they want to be) is because be a transgender is a whole process, and that’s not a thing can be done on few seconds or few minutes. They have a lot of considerations, and sometimes people suggestions and opinions will affect their decision and their life, therefore it is a long process. I didn’t change a lot for the first spread, I removed the black box of the text and changed the same font back that’s it. And about the last spread I moved the background away and leave it simple and undo the justify of all the text. The most difficult part is to adjust the text which I used most of the time on, through changing the gutter and size.



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