Summer Exhibition 2016

21st May, 2016

There are some of the business cards and postcards which I really like, in the exhibition. I went to all the show and in that show I really like the textile, graphic and some of the illustration pieces. Some of the fine art work are quite abstract and I didn’t really get it but some are amazing. I feel I should take some photos, I am a bit regret now. In graphic and textile area I saw a lot professional work, most of the works look it come from the shops, I am happy that I have went there and saw some wonderful stuff, at least for me they are. And I was a bit surprised that when I saw the architecture works, because I didn’t know that they are in the Arts building. Some ceramics and product design works look interesting, and from their exhibition I saw some new technique that I didn’t know before. For illustration, I really like there is a book which made by fabric and there are some animation are good too. About graphic, they all really good especially the animals and pets poster also there is the dragon which made by paper it was really cool. The textile part is awesome, first for myself I really like textile most of my works in foundation is about graphic mixed textile so I am very interested in textile. Secondly, their works are actually really good and professional. Some of the works are for sales as well which shows the quality as good as the stuff from some shops.

Another Exhibition
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.17.27 amAt the same time there is a special work The Aftermath Dislocation Principle(The ADP Riot Tour ) outside the building, which by acclaimed artist Jimmy Cauty. The ADP is a post-riot landscape created in miniature, and it is a 40ft shipping container. And there are lots of holes outside the container, which is the only way for people to look through it and see the stuff inside. The tour start from Bruton on the 23rd Apr to Bedford 12th Dec.

There are the images that I took through those holes, and you can see that they are amazing and all the elements are very detail. Also there are some sound effect like police car and ambulance siren, and there is a moment I think that’s Star Wars. They got a very similar feeling when you are looking at those thing with the sound effect.

Here is the blog web which about him and his works:


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