Brand World-company

This is the first project of Level 5 subject. This week we were not a designer, we were clients and we were going to introduce our company and show our values, the target we prefer and the information of our company. And the company I chose is Dance School which is a very suitable topic for me however before this topic, I got another option which is Craft Beer Micro Brewery and that’s something that I have no idea with. And finally, I still chose to do Dance School. After we chose our company we have to do some research of other competitors, if there is any company already existed. Also, we have to create a name of our company which is a challenging task, at the same time we have to think about what is the brand value of the company. To make it be  a real company, have a good experience for us to feel how people start their business as a client.

In the job bag, there are 4 things we have to do (1. Company name & Backstory & Brand Values 2. Target Audience & Persona 3. Moodboard 4. Complete design brief)

This is the moodboard I made, those colours are focusing on sweet and lovely feeling.

This is the persona, and I chose to do this 9 years old girl because I thought most of the people would start to dance at this age. Our main target range is 3 to 25 years old, but we still very welcome the one, who really like to dance.

My dance school name is J O-I N Dance, and the 5 main brand values of the company:

  • Professional
  • Beauty and Aesthetics
  • Diversification
  • Health
  • Enjoyable

Our aim is, people can be more healthy in a comfortable place, also they can relax, enjoy dancing and just be themselves in our studio.



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