Brand World-logo design draft

Start from this week we become a designer again,  and our job bag was swapped, we have got other people company job bag at the same time, we became their company’s designer. We have to design at least five different touch points on the basis of our client’s request. For me, I got a new brand  Ice sculpting company, which is just for the wedding, and the name calls Alazkan Glaze, which is a small company with five full-time carvers. The target range of Alazkan Glaze is  25 to 50 years old mainly of female market.

The brand values are as follows:                                    There five output she needs:

  • Creative                                                                        Brand Identity
  • Integrity                                                                       Business Card
  • Passion                                                                         Flyers
  • Luxurious                                                                     Web Banner
  • Ecofriendly                                                                  Vans Branding / Web page
  • Bespoke
  • Expert

According to moodboard, persona, and other information has been given, I did some sketches about wedding and ice ideas for the brand identity. I did my research online look up some of the wedding company logo and the patterns are used normally.

The first three sketches are about the wedding and I found out that many people like to use swan to represent love and beauty so I did some drawing to be my inspiration, and the last picture is some of the ideas of ice. However, they are only the concept for my to understand or to know what they are, it doesn’t mean I am going to that direction.

After the tutorial me and my tutor discussed some ideas and the problem I got and he though it is quite limit that the company only focus on wedding so he wants me to discuss with my client and see can we change the company to be a normal ice sculpting company, which mean it is for all the events but not only serve for wedding. After the discussion, we finally decided to change it be a normal company. And therefore, I have to start doing research again, but this time I am going to look for ice and ice sculpture but the not wedding.


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