Brand World-logo design process

As what I said in the previous post after the tutorial, I changed the company business range and now the company serve for all events but not only for weddings. Therefore, I did lots of research of different style and ideas of something can represent ice sculpture.

Here is the ice sculpture moodboard that I made

Through the research, I got some idea of the brand identity which is one of my touch-point. At the beginning, I start my design as a triangle which looks like a mountain also it can represent letter A, the short form of the company name Alazkan.

As you can see these drafts, the idea come from letter A&G-the name of the company, and in order to design something special and unusual, I kept experimenting. Try to create as much design as I can, and there are lots of ways I have tried such as put those letters in different positions, drew them in three-dimension and place them with some geometry shapes or use those shape to design the letter. However, they are still the concept of my ideas, so some of them were chosen by myself, which I quite like, and I am going to work on it, to do the improvement.

Finally, I chose few of them, and they are based on three ideas.

  1. The letter A&G 2
  2. The triangle shape, which represents the Alaskan’s mountain
  3. The pattern of Ice, Diamond, or crystal

And here are those design which based on those ideas, as you can see some of them ever they got the same shape, they still got a totally different style. And the reasons because I do not exactly know what style she needs,  in order to let the client have more choices. And the next step is going to talk to the client and let her choose at least five design draft, which she likes then I will work on it.



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