Forgetting and Remembering the Air

People become blind, so they do not SEE the world. But in here it, it does not actually mean people are physiological blind, but they are blind in a psychological way. People cannot see the earth, our world, and because of this, they always forget something which is very important and without those things we cannot be alive, the human world would not exist. For this, we can know that how important they are, but we still keep forgetting them. They are air, dust, and winds respectively, which are the most pervasive presence, it goes all over the places, from inside to outside, from our body to the whole world. There is something I really agree with is about: Lives cannot leave with water, air, food ingestion, and radiation, without those things it became nothing. Sometimes, we are in an empty space, and we think it is empty but in fact, the atmosphere is full of air and dust. Without air, we cannot breathe and the organisms would not be alive, and without dust, the world would be black, and it would be unrecognisable. It makes colours were being seen, it shapes many things from the seasons to buildings. And the last thing is the wind, which is the exist everywhere full over the world too. Although it is invisible, people can still feel it, so there’s no reason people can forget it. The only reason is people ignore it and pretend that they cannot see it, but actually, they are doing on purpose. On the other hand, our empty space is filled by radio waves, communication channels, and wi-fi thence, people lose communication with the human world. In the world, it filled by air, dust, and wind at the same time, and we cannot live without any of them.

Here is the narrative that we wrote about, and we thought a topic which is interesting to consider about. What came first? The Pollution or the Beechams? We have to produce something to protect our life, but at the same time, we are harming ourselves by it.



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