Workshop-spaghetti tower

This is the activity workshop for field today

At the beginning, we did not listen to the task very clearly, and we thought we were going to use those spaghetti and other materials, which were provided such as white tack and tape, to made a building as tall as it can. But at the end, it said we have to put a box of chocolate on top if it does not break also is the tallest, then it will be the winner.

As you can see on the bottom we got a very strong foundation, we tape few spaghetti together and start from a cube, because I thought it can carry quite a heavy weight. Therefore, we kept doing it as the same shape but at the end, we thought we did not get enough time so we just made it as tall as we can, but at that moment we still do not know the real task, until the tutor told us to put the  chocolate on top. We felt a bit sad honestly if we knew the task at the beginning we must do much better than this, due to we got a really strong and stable foundation.

And I think it is a very good workshop and experience for us to know what we have to consider before we build something and what kind of material we have to be careful before we use. Also for some of us like me, it is very fun to do something like that at the same time, it is a challenge for the people who never build things.


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