Finally, we got some inspiration of our project. We decided to create a hanging sculpture/ art, which is going to be related to Graphic Communication. And the idea came from an artist Michael Murphy who is an American artist, sculptor and pioneer of the perceptual art movement. He is using a method to challenge the viewer’s boundaries using multidimensional techniques in order to create three-dimensional renderings of flat images. His inventions of “Expanded Graphics”, the “3D Halftone” and “Suspended Narrative Mobiles” have established an entirely new formula for rendering images. And the next step for us is to explore this concept to create our own shape, meaning and design.

There are some of the idea sketches

This is our idea and we think we are going to make the frame on both sides and a ceiling, where the pixel cubes will be hanged. And the object that we want to is: when people look at the font, they will see a shape, which all looks are in the same size of pixel cube, has been created. But when they look at the side they will see some different kind of structure, and they will notice that actually the cubes are made in different size.

Here is the mock-up that we did

The mock-up is work it means we got an idea of how to make the real thing, but we still got another problem of the work, which is the main issue, is about the material. Due to we got limited material to work on so we have to think very carefully before we make the decision, also we have to consider the weight, in order to make sure the ceiling can support those pixel cubes. We will find out more in the next lecture because some of the materials will arrive so we can start to try work with them.


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