Brand World-logo design process 2

The next process is to work with digital, but before that, I have to contact the client again and let her choose some of her favourite design for me to work on. She chose five to six design because she cannot make the decision at the moment so she wants to see the digital version and hope can make the decision after that. Therefore, I start to work on the design that she chose, all the design use the same colour palette, which is colours that the client prefers. Ice sculpture related to water, ice, cold, and ice mountain, through this connection, the colours are focusing on white and a different type of blue also I tried to work on a different way of the outline. I tried to make it in a different way for each design, in order to let the client see more and have more choices. Some of the inspirations came from the research I did and some of the design I just played with it, made it in the way that I felt look good and felt comfortable. And there are two things are the most difficult for me to work on digital. First is colour matching, due to my client make a request about she hope the logo can make in more colours, she does not really want it in a single colour. 

There are most of the blue I found in AI (Adobe Illustrator), and you can see there are lots so colour matching is very difficult although I have tried to focus on the light blue and white, which related to ice, water and the mountain, it still a lot of colours. 


The second challenging thing is typography, due to I have to put the name with the logo the position of the name, typeface, size, colour and the alignment of the letters, all the things are not easy. I think every student should know it after the final project (Changing face) for last year. Every letter has to be very careful also we have to consider how to match it with the pattern when we place the word. Thence, both of them or I can say that the whole process of the logo is quite a time- consuming but it is a very good experience for all of us. 

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For me, most of them are my favourite, but my client really like the first page


This is her favourite design, and in all of these designs, she prefers the left down corner logo. So after got in touch with the client, and now I have to start to use this logo to work on those touch points that’s the same suggestion that my tutor gave me, we can see more consequent after we tried it in different places. Thus, my next step is, use the logo and try in mock-up.


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