Branding Narrative-new project S4C

Few weeks later after the branding project, we got another new project which means we got two projects to do for the subject at the same time, however, our tutor said it is appropriate to level 5 students as a challenge, be a practice in advance to comprehend the real world after we get a job. When I think about it, I thought it is absolutely right I agree with my tutor. I don’t believe that we only have one project each time and therefore we can improve or learn about the time management.

Here is the brief on the above, it was giving by S4C which is one of the tv channels in the UK, and our task is to make two versions ident one is about 30 seconds and the other is a bit shorter about 10 to 15 second also three break bumpers and they are 2″/3″/5″ long respectively. Their values: ・First and Foremost, to be Welsh・to be creative・to keep the audience central to everything we do・to be available to everyone. Furthermore, they required that all the thing we show must be in Welsh because it is the channel to Welsh mainly.

After we got the brief, we actually just have a speed reading but did not read it very detail, therefore, when we start our first idea we actually went to the wrong direction, but at that moment we still do not know yet until we have our first tutorial. So start to do our research with the whole afternoon, and the first thing we search is “what is S4C means”((Welsh pronunciation: [ɛs ˈpɛdwar ɛk], from the Welsh Sianel Pedwar Cymru, meaning “Channel Four Wales”) is a Welsh-language public-service television channel based in Cardiff and broadcast throughout Wales), also we look for something like their website and see what program they got, their app, the previous idents make sure we will not do something very similar, break bumpers and the others channel ident because maybe we can get some inspiration on.

The conclusion of the afternoon research of this project still has no any clue of what we should do, due to the ident and break bumper of the channel is about Welsh, which is the new language for most of us also not many people know much about Walsh. Therefore, the first thing we do after we got the brief is to do lots of research although we are in Wales at the moment, most of the people still do not know much about this place and I am one of them. For me, to exactly comprehend a place first we have to live in there at least few years, then you can maybe become a part of that society. And to completely understand a culture is much difficult than we thought, we have to know them through communicating to the others and learning their lifestyle via staying in the same circumstance then have the same topic to talk about.

And finally we set a range of specific area like the old building and some special Welsh architectures, and you can see we did not choose anything like daffodil, dragon and Welsh cake because they are too general and we do not really want to do something which is related to, also there are lots of thing by using those elements already so if we use them again it seem like we do not have any creative idea. Then our next plan is everyone has to do a moodboard about the old building idea we discuss before and some our own idea of what we think of this project because everyone will picture different things in their head when we discuss the idea, therefore, first, in order to make sure everyone is in the same page second, we can get more idea in people moodboard, thus, everyone must make a moodboard to show then we can discuss them in the next meeting, and we can cut down the area and find something to focus on.



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