S4C idea Moodboard

The Moodboard I made for S4C ideas


S4C means Channel Four Wales

This is the mood-board of the S4C idea, and the things we focus on is the buildings and the lifestyle of the Welsh people. And the most important thing of Welsh people must think of  daffodil and dragon, and for this reason, we do not want to focus on these elements, which is very popular for everyone.

There is something, which I searched on the internet about The National Symbols Of Welsh, are related to Welsh:

  • The Welsh national Flag, which in white and green colour background and with a dragon on top
  • Welsh male voice choirs
  • The red kite
  • Prince of wales’ feathers
  • The Welsh language
  • The Welsh harp
  • The Leek
  • The Welsh lovespoon
  • The daffodil(which is too common to use)
  • Rugby Union

Here is the mind-map that we did after we look at all the information and that moodboard we got, and the next step is to do some mock-up and see how it looks like, and discuss it next time. 


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