Brand World-business card

After the client picked the logo that she really prefers, I start to work it in different touch point and the first touch point is the business card. 

The First Idea

This is the first design of the business, also this is one of the designs in portrait, which  I want to match the shape. And on the front side, I decided to put a pattern on, which is similar to the triangle part of the logo. Under the pattern, it is about the client’s name, title and the contact information, on the back side in order to keep it simple, therefore I put the logo and a short slogan but that’s just my idea I still have to discuss to my client and the others. And the colour scheme still focusing on blue, and that’s the main colour of the whole project.

The Second Idea

In the second idea, I divided the logo in two-part. The triangle part which with the company name was placed by itself only to be the front side.On the other side, is the bottom part of the logo with the contents. 

The Third Idea

The idea of the design is used the same logo but show it in different, so the back side I just leave it like normal only the logo and the slogan. And on the front, I paste the logo in the same position as the same size, but I empty the colours part and use one colour to keep the online of the whole shape. Although they look the same, they still have totally different effect so when people turn the card to another side they will see the logo but in a different style.

The Final Idea

This is the second design in portrait, however, this idea got a bit different because it is in the portrait of the shape so it means the card shape is not the rectangle but is in a shape. The front side is the colour logo with the company name and the slogan in the middle, and the back page is the outline logo reflect vertically with the contents in the middle bottom also you can see those line on that area I put the transparency a bit down where the contents are. This design is quite different but at the same time, it is taking a risk to pick this because it is not easy to print and cut it in exactly perfect, therefore, maybe it is not a good idea for a small company which doesn’t have a lot of budgets.

And the next touch point I am going to work on is the vehicle branding, which is for delivering the ice sculpture.

There are some of the research of my inspiration 



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