Brand World-van


First Design


The first one I did and in order to make it look related to the theme, I use one of the same background images as the last web banner I use to be the background and cover the whole van, make it looks like a massive fridge. On the side, the company name is not in the same place, due to I have to fit and match the size and shape of the logo and the side of the van, so I have to make it a bit small make sure it was in the van but it was too small and you cannot actually see the name, therefore, I take it out and place it bigger. And in the back, because it likes a square so I can put the logo bigger and show it more clearly. I tried to place it in the middle but it doesn’t look good maybe because of the logo shape so I decided to put it on a side.

Second Design


Third Design


The second and the third design, and you can see they look extremely because I used the same background but the only difference is the shape of it. Compare all of them you should find out I used the same structure but only changing the background colour and pattern. For the second and third one, I used another image to be the background because pattern and colour will affect people feeling when they look at it. In order to make it be attractive, I have to try different elements on it. However, all the design at the moment still not in the same page, like this the background part related to the web banner, and the text part connected to the business and the logo but overall they are not all be relevant.


Some research about different type of wrap graphic design of van and car wrap graphic design:


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